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PG9901 Indoor Siren
Does the DSC PG9901 use batteries or an AC power source?
How does the DSC PG9901 communicate with the main panel?

PG9904P PIR Motion Detector
Will pets set the DSC PG9904P off?
How can the DSC PG9904P be mounted?

PG9905 Temperature Sensor
What does the DSC PG9905 do?
Can freezer or refrigerator temperatures be monitored using the DSC PG9905?

PG9911B Outdoor Siren with Blue Strobe
Is the DSC PG9911B battery powered or does it come with a power adapter?
Will the DSC PG9911B siren sound the entry/exit delays sounds?

PG9913 CO Detector
Where are the best places to mount the DSC PG9913?
Can the DSC PG9913 detectors be tested frequently to test functionality?

PG9916 Smoke and Heat Detector
So the DSC PG9916 detects smoke. How far apart do these need placed?
What does the heat portion of the DSC PG9916 do?
How often do the DSC PG9916 need replaced?

PG9920 Repeater
What does the DSC PG9920 repeater do?
Will the DSC PG9920 only extend the range?

PG9922 Glass Break Detector
Do you install the DSC PG9922 on the glass of the windows?
Will the DSC PG9922 pick up breaking glass in other rooms?

PG9924 Curtain Motion Detector
What does it mean by “curtain” when the DSC PG9924 is concerned?
Why choose the DSC PG9924 over another motion detector?

PG9926 Smoke Detector
How far apart are the DSC PG9926 units supposed to be placed?
Would it be good to install the DSC PG9926 in a hallway outside bedrooms?

PG9929 Slimline Four Button Key Fob
What are the four buttons on the DSC PG9929 for?
Why is the DSC PG9929 called a slimline key fob?

PG9935 Shock Detector
Does the DSC PG9935 mount on the window glass itself?
How sensitive are the DSC PG9935 detectors?

PG9938 Panic Button
What kind of panic can the DSC PG9938 be used for?
So I can carry the DSC PG9938 in my pocket?

PG9939 Four Button Key Fob
What are the four buttons on the DSC PG9939 used for?
What happens if I lose one of the DSC PG9939 fobs?

PG9945 Contact with Auxiliary Input
What is the auxiliary input for on the DSC PG9945?
How easy is the DSC PG9945 to install?

PG9949 Two Button Key Fob
Why only two buttons on the DSC PG9949 fob?
What happens if I lose the DSC PG9949 fob?

PG9974P Mirror Motion Detector
What is meant by the ‘Mirror’ in the DSC PG9974P part name?
Will the DSC PG9974P be easy for pets to set off?

PG9975 Vanishing Contact
Why is the DSC PG9975 called a ‘Vanishing’ contact?
So the DSC PG9975 can be used on doors and windows?

PG9984P Dual Tech Motion Detector
So when speaking of the DSC PG9984P; what does dual technology mean?
What size pet is safe to have with the DSC PG9984P?

PG9985 Flood Detector
Will the DSC PG9985 sit on the floor to monitor for flooding?
How much time between water touching the contacts on the DSC PG9985 and the alarm registering a condition?

PG9994 Outdoor Motion Detector
Won’t every little thing outside set the DSC PG9994 off?
What about hot temperatures affecting the DSC PG9994?

Can the DSC HS2LCDWF be used to enter programming?
What kind of batteries does the DSC HS2LCDWF take and can you get a power supply for them?