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How do I program a wireless zone on a DSC NEO?


Programming for a wireless zone, or any other wireless device, is done completely in one section. Going into multiple programming sections for wireless programming, as was necessary for the previous generation, is a thing of the past with the NEO. The following steps are specifically for wireless zones, but other devices will be enrolled in much the same way.

  1. Use *8-installer code to go into programming mode.
  2. Enter section 804 to go to wireless programming.
  3. Enter 000 to go to enroll devices. The screen will display: Enroll now or entr.
  4. Press and hold the enroll button on your PowerG device. Once the LED turns on, release the enroll button. Or manually enter the serial number and press * then skip to step 6.
  5. The keypad should display the device’s serial number. Press * to confirm that it is correct.
  6. Enter the 3 digit zone number for the zone that you want to assign the device to.
  7. Enter the 3-digit zone type.
  8. Make sure that a ‘Y’ is displayed for Partition 1. You can toggle it by pressing *.
  9. Enter #. It will then ask for a zone label if you are using an LCD keypad. You can program the zone label now if you would like using the zone label programming instructions which can be found in the keypad manual. Or you can enter # again to go back to the beginning of the wireless enrolling process.
  10. Repeat for all wireless devices.