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How do I program a hardwired zone on a DSC NEO?


Part 1: Zone Type Assignments [001] [001-128]
The first part of programming hardwired zones is to tell the system how that zone will function. For a full list of zone types, go to page 7 of your installation guide. Some of the most common zone types are:

  • 000 – Null Zone: For zones that are not in use.
  • 001 – Delay 1: Used for an entry point to allow time to disarm the system.
  • 002 – Delay 2: Same as delay 1, but can be set to a different delay length if a keypad is located further away for example.
  • 003 – Instant: Used on perimeter non-entry points to instantly trip the alarm.
  • 005 – Interior Stay/Away: Used for interior motion detectors that need to be disabled when the system is armed in stay mode to allow free movement without setting off the alarm. Otherwise this zone type will cause an instant alarm unless an entry door with a delay is accessed first.
  • 008 – Standard Fire
  1. From programming (*8-installer code), enter section 001.
  2. It will ask for a 3 digit zone number. Enter the zone number that you are programming. Or scroll to it and press *.
  3. After entering the zone number it will display the current zone type assignment. Enter the 3 digit zone type code.
  4. It will automatically go to the next zone. Repeat this process for every zone that you are installing.
  5. Press # twice to be ready for the next part.

Part 2: Zone Assignment [201] [001-016]
You now need to assign which zones are active on your system.

  1. Enter section 201.
  2. Then enter 001 to view the first 8 zones, 002 to view zones 9-16, 003 to view zones 17-24, etc.
  3. Use the toggle options in each of these to turn on or off the zones that we need. It will display a ‘Y’ for active zones and an ‘N’ for zones that are off. You can scroll through and turn on any zones that you need to.
  4. Press # and repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed. Or press # twice to exit out of programming.