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How do I enroll additional DSC NEO keypads?


Unlike enrolling the first keypad, which is as simple as pressing a button when prompted, enrolling additional keypads requires going into programming. After enrolling the first keypad follow these steps:

  1. Make sure all keypads that you are wanting to enroll are wired properly to the CORBUS.
  2. On the first keypad that is already enrolled, enter programming with *8 followed by the installer code.
  3. Enter section number 902.
  4. The keypad should already be on subsection 000 so press *.
  5. The control panel will automatically detect and enroll all keypads and modules that are connected to the CORBUS.
  6. You can check the number by KP to make sure that it has detected the correct number of keypads. If not, double-check wiring as well as power draw to make sure that you’re not over-drawing the auxiliary circuit.
  7. Press # a few times to exit programming.