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What is the difference between an DSC RFK5500 and an DSC RFK5564?


These keypads are almost exactly the same so it can be confusing as to which one to get. The RFK means that they both come with a wireless receiver on the inside of the keypad. But while they both have a wireless receiver, the difference between the RFK5500 and RFK5564 keypads is that they have different kinds of built-in wireless receivers. The RFK5500 has a 32 zone wireless receiver, just like the RF5132-433. This is the standard wireless receiver that works great with the PC1616 and PC1832 PowerSeries control panels. It works well on those because they can only have up to 32 wireless zones so there is no need for greater capacity. Keep in mind that 32 wireless zones need to be on zones 1 through 32. If you had only 1 zone as wireless, say zone 32. You could not then make zone 33 wireless. Even though that would be only 2 wireless zones because the wireless receiver can only go to zone 32 for wireless sensors. Because this is a wireless receiver only it can only be used with one-way wireless devices. It is not compatible with things like wireless keypads, 2-way wireless keys, or wireless sirens.

On the other hand the RFK5564 has a wireless receiver that can go all the way to 64 total wireless zones. This is only useful for the PC1864. The PC1864 control panel can handle up to 64 total zones, hardwired or wireless. The other two panels stop at 32 so having the RFK5564 would not give any advantages over the RFK5500. The only other device that can handle more than 32 wireless zones is the TR5164-433 transceiver. Since it is a transceiver, it sends and receives signals. This means that it gives access to things like the wireless keypads and two-way key fobs. But the wireless keypads actually take up 4 of the zone slots on the the TR5164 which means that it can only do 60 wireless zones. So if you need more than 60 wireless zones then the RFK5564 is the only way to go.

As far as the actual user interface for the keypads, they are both the same 5500 full message alphanumeric style. This means that you can do everything a PK5500 keypad can. You are able to check the event log. You can see a lot more information in programming mode than a 5501 style keypad, including being able to scroll through to check your work. You are able to use custom labels on things, primarily zone labels. Just to name a few of the advantages over the fixed LCD or LED keypads.