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DSC PowerSeries NEO HS2TCHP Touchscreen Keypad Unboxing


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Hi, Chris here with Today, we're gonna take a look at the DSC Power Series NEO Touchscreen Keypad. If you've ever had the opportunity to program a system with an alphanumeric or an LED keypad, worse than that, then, I think, you're gonna really enjoy some of the features this touch screen has to offer. So let's step over to the bench, open the box, take a little inventory of what comes with the keypad, and then wire it up and go for a little tour.

So here, we see our DCS Power Series NEO Touchscreen Keypad. Pretty excited about getting in here. Let's take a look and see what's inside. Open this guy up, we'll see DSC uses a really cool retaining system for keypads. Just fold the flaps up, create a little slack in this film, slide our keypad out and there we are, pretty simple. We're gonna get in this in just a few minutes. I'll give you a little test drive. I'll set that aside for now. See what else we have in the box.

We have our installation manual in four languages. Actually user manual which gets a little deeper into the functions again in four languages. So don't let the size scare you. We have our hardware kit, includes anchors, and screws for mounting on the wall. And lastly, we have one mini prox tag.

So if you'll excuse me for just a couple of moments I'm gonna hook this guy up and give you a little run-through on what screen looks like. Okay here we are back to our Neo Touchscreen Keypad and you'll notice I haven't wired up, fired up, ready to go this time. It's not really a tech type video, so I didn't worry about showing you how to wire it up. It's the same four wires that we use on any keypad. So we have other videos that'll cover that. Mostly, what I want you to see is how good it looks. It's a great looking keypad for one thing but it's really more than just a pretty face, it gives you a lot of information at your fingertips.

So let's just kind of take a look at it. First of all you've got a system status instantly available right here we're disarmed ready to arm. Tells us a partition number. We also can immediately arm. We can away arm. We can stay arm. Really important is zone status tab right here, we can click that and immediately see the status of all of our zones. They're all closed and ready to go. Matter of fact, we could bypass from this screen also and bypass those zones.

We also have a time feature, of course. Another cool feature of this guy is we have a photo tab down here. You can put an SD card in and do slideshows or set a different background, whatever you would like with your photos.

Now, in a more practical side, we see our dangerous orange triangle of doom here. This is our trouble indicator. On the old power series, that was quite a task sometimes to find a trouble. You'd have this glaring orange triangle telling you you had trouble, but in order to find it, you had to go start to and find a number of reference that against the troubleshooting chart. Really a pain. This guy it's lit up I can see right now I have three troubles going on. And we can further investigate that.

Service required. Oh, it says loss of clock, well I've not set the clock. Go back, when you take a look at battery trouble, no system battery. So there's no codes to look up, nothing like that just plain English. Very, very nice feature.

Okay, now let's delve a little further into this guy. I'm gonna go to our options. And I'm gonna choose here keypad mode. Does that look familiar? If you ever had a power series it should look very familiar. This is how the programming is done. Same installer code even. Took me a moment.

And now I want to show you what I consider the coolest feature on this thing. It's in installer mode, we're gonna enter our code again. And we have a label programming tab here. I don't know if you've ever had the pleasure of programming labels. Zone labels on a power series but it's not fun, it's not intuitive at all, and it's not quick. This guy totally different. So let's say I wanna name zone one. Zone one, look at that it's an actual keyboard. It's so simple, save and we're good.

I hope you've enjoyed this overview of the NEO Touchscreen Keypad. For more in-depth information, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and don't forget to comment and ask any questions you may have. For, I'm Chris Campbell have an awesome day you.