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DSC Power Series 1616, 1832, 1864, Impassa and Alexor Setting Date & Time

DSC Power Series 1616, 1832, 1864, Impassa and Alexor Setting Date & Time

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How do you set the date and time on a DSC alarm system? I'm glad you asked! Check out our video below for a quick tutorial.

Hi, Ryan here with to explain to you on how to set the date and time on your DSC keypad. Whether you're using an LCD or an LED keypad, fully alpha keypad, the steps are all the same. So let's go to my desk and let's program the date and time into this keypad.

Programming the date and time on a DSC Power Series alarm system, whether it's the 1616 the 1832 or the 1864 is fairly easy. The only code you really need to know is the master code. The master code is usually the code that is used to arm or disarm the system as long as it's not one of the user codes. It's real simple to program. Here I have a PK5500 keypad. It's a fully alpha programmable keypad. And you can see that it displays some information.

To program the date and time, it's real simple, and we'll go through it right now. You'll hit "*" "6." And then it's gonna tell you to enter your master code, which is 1234. In this case it is set by default. And then it says "Select Option." You can scroll through until it says "Date and Time," or you can just go ahead and hit number "1." And it wants you to enter two digit hour, two digit minute, and two digit month, day and year. In this case, we'll just put 1400. It is military time, so this is going to be 2:00. And then the date. We'll just pick a random date, we'll say August 22nd of 2013. And that's it, your date and time is set.

If you go back in it and say you got the time wrong, say it's actually 11:35 in the morning, you wanna go ahead and finish out putting the date and time in. Although it's already in there, go ahead and re-enter it, so that way when it triple beeps, it saves it. Now you're sitting there like, "Well I don't see all that information on my keypad." Okay. Say you've got a system and you're doing it blind, okay? We don't know what it's asking for. I'll just throw a piece of paper over that. All right, to program your system, doing it blind, you're listening for the beeps. You hit "*" "6," your master code. Okay, it beeps, you know it accepted it. Hit "1." It'll triple beep. Now it's wanting the date and the time, military time. We'll say it's 5:00 in the evening. Military time would be 1700. You got that entered. Go ahead and enter two digit month, two digit day, two digit year, and it will triple beep. And then just go ahead and hit "###" to exit back out of there. That's how you do it if you've got a blind keypad, for example the RFK, or PK5501, or one of the LED keypads.

That is how you set your date and time. This is Ryan with