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How many sirens can I use on the DSC PC1616, DSC PC1832, and DSC PC1864?


There is no hard limit on the number of sirens that can be connected to the DSC PowerSeries alarm system. However, the onboard bell output can only provide about 2.2 amps of current to the bell circuit. Some sirens can take up a large portion of that such as the Potter SSX-82 which uses 1.2 amps. You would not be able to add 2 of those sirens to the bell circuit. Other sirens are designed to have much lower current draws though. The ATW PB-005 piezo sounder for instance only uses 10 miliamps of current. You would be able to add literally hundreds of those little sirens to the bell output. And of course there are numerous models in between that each have different current draws and outputs and uses. You are also able to mix and match as desired. As long as you stay under the 2.2 amps (and we recommend leaving a 10% buffer as well) you can have as many or as few sirens as you want.

But even that is not the limit. Even if you max out the current for the bell output, you can still set up additional sirens. To do this you will use a PGM output or even multiple PGM outputs. You can set the PGM output to function as a bell output follower or a latched system event or similar. The PGM itself can be used to directly power the siren as long as it stays under the current limits for that PGM and the total current limits for the alarm system. 

A more common way to use the PGM with a siren is not as the actual power supply for the siren, but as the trigger for the siren power circuit to close. To do this you will need a relay and additional power supply module. We put together a kit for you to add this, but you are not limited to using that. The way it will work is the PGM will be wired to the relay. The PGM being activated will cause the relay to flip. The siren and power supply will be wired together with the relay acting as the on/off switch in that circuit. These circuits would then be limited by the current that the power supply can provide as to the number and kinds of sirens that are added. But you would be able to add as many sirens as you desire using this method.