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What is the default master code and installer code for the DSC PC1616, DSC PC1832, and DSC PC1864?


The DSC 1616, DSC 1832 and the DSC 1864 all come with the same default factory master codes and installer codes. If you just bought or defaulted your PowerSeries panel, the codes will be at these defaults. If you are taking a system over, there is a high probability that the codes will be changed. But it is always a good idea to at least try these codes first as it is not unheard of for the installer code to be left on the default.

The default master code is 1234. The master code is automatically assigned to user number 40. The master code is the first user code that comes programmed on the panel and it cannot be deleted, but it can and should be changed. The master code allows you to do quite a few things on the alarm system. You can arm and disarm the system and any partition on the system if you are using multiple partitions. It will allow you to access the *5 menu to add, change, and delete other user codes. You can also access the *6 menu which allows you to do numerous things such as checking the event log,  changing keypad brightness, or setting the time and date. You will want to change this to a code that only you know so that someone does not break in and just try to enter 1234 to disarm the system. This would make your alarm system much less effective against a break in.

The default installer code for a DSC is 5555. The installer code is the code that is used to get into the DSC programming mode so you can set the system up and make changes to panel programming. Having the installer code is the most important part of setting up the system. You will not be able to arm or disarm with the system with the installer code. But if you have the installer code you can make any changes you want to the system, including changing the master code. The installer code, like the master code should ideally be changed to a number that is not easy to guess. While it is perhaps not as critical as changing the master code for security purposes, if someone has access to the system while it is disarmed and they have intentions to make changes having an installer code that is not the system default is important.