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What is Crash and Smash protection?


Crash and smash is when someone breaks into a building and then disables, or smashes, the system while it is still in entry delay or dialer delay. And because the system never called out with an alarm signal, no action would be taken. This has always been a weakness of an alarm system and this was especially true for the newer all-in-one wireless systems where the main control panel is often easy to access.’s Crash and Smash Protection shores up this weakness.

Crash and Smash Protection works by monitoring the alarm system as soon as an entry delay is activated or when the alarm has been activated but before the dialer delay has expired. The alarm system will actually send a message to so that knows that the system is in a pre-alarm state or if there is a pending alarm. If does not receive another update from the alarm system for a disarm or alarm, will treat this as a possible alarm and send notifications to you and the central station (if used).