BBB Business Review V722W Wireless Indoor Outdoor IP Camera Unboxing

Unboxing and review of the V722W Wireless indoor/outdoor IP camera

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Hey, you, Jon Boroughs, Alarm System Store, and today I'm here to take you on a little unboxing review of the V722W. Now, this is a wireless, indoor/outdoor IP camera that you can use to survey your home. We do a lot of product videos like this and technical support videos, so I would suggest you subscribe to the channel, like this video, and leave any comments if you have any questions. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take you over to the table and we're gonna open this thing up and show you exactly what you get in the box. So, let's go on over.

All right, here we are with the ADC-V722W and this is's indoor and outdoor camera. A lot of people just use these for outdoor cameras though, they are that nice. You can use them for outdoor use. I'm gonna show you what comes in this, but let's talk a little bit about the service. You will need the video services to use this camera. You get... The pro-video package lets you use up to four cameras for $89.95 a year. They do have an expansion pack for another $89.95 that adds four more cameras and with the video services, with these you can do a live peek-in to see what's happening right when you're looking in.

They also do a 1,000 video clips per month, so little short clips. These cameras are also capable of motion detection so if somebody comes in there and moves in front of the camera it will take a shot of them. The video services are also compatible with the interactive services for your alarm. So, let's say, you know, you get an alarm on your system, you can automatically have your cameras take shots when that alarm happens to see what's going on in the area. So, nice to have. These are 1080p resolution, they record in the H.264 format and they are colored day and night. At night time, in total darkness, you will get up to 40 feet with this camera. So, it's good. You'll be able to pick up detail very easily at night time. So, let's go ahead and open this up and we'll show you what you get.

All right, the box here, I'm just gonna take this out and we're gonna pull all the things outta here, move the box out of the way. So, first thing you see in the box will be the camera, and we're gonna get that going here. You will get the protector ring, this goes around the lens to protect it from weather, kinda like a rain-guard, almost. And then you will get the camera. Now the camera comes in this protective bubble wrapping. Just gonna open it up, here.

And there's your camera. It's nice in size, you can use this... Oops, pulled the cover off. Nice in size, you can use this indoor or out, there's the lens with the LEDs on it, and on the back here we have the WPS joining button. You can join this to your router with the WPS protocol. It does not have an Ethernet connection on the back of it like the indoor one that we showed you. You will connect power to it, you will have to have power. It has a adapter here if you've got, like, a power supply that you wire into it, or it has this plug that's used for this. It has its own power adapter. So, you will have to have a place to plug this in or use an extension cord, however you need to do it, but it will come with a power adapter. It also comes with your mounting hardware, you're gonna get zip-ties, screws, anchors in case you gotta do dry-wall. So, you will get all that in here. And then, lastly, you will get the installation manual, and this will make it really easy for you to install this product, they provide full, complete instructions.

So, you will get all of that in the box and, like I said before, provides great service. We offer a competitive price, it's one of the cheapest, best-quality services that we found out there. So, you might wanna consider getting yourself some of these because they do come in handy. All right, thanks, guys, back to me.

All right, that was the V722W wireless indoor or outdoor IP camera, make a really good addition to your home, so you can keep an eye on your property. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel, like this video, leave us some comments, and we'd be glad to answer any questions you have. This is Jon with Alarm System Store, y'all have a good day, thanks.