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A devoted stay-at-home mom of three is as empowered as female business owner, who takes charge of a male-dominated boardroom. In the same manner, celebrating women independence is echoed by an elder lady exploring new boundaries in spite occasional joint pains; as a female yuppie moves to her first ever home away from home. Indeed, women empowerment has finally been given more profound and worthwhile meaning. While it is inarguable that women have gone a long way, the battle to prove that they can defend themselves and the hard-earned fruits of their labor is a sphere that can sometimes be problematic and even risky.

It’s still very common to come across a female neighbor, coworker, or even family member to experience some form of abuse, as they deal with the trauma that lies with such incidents. Truly empowered women ought to strengthen their self-defense arms and legs with the aid of several manageable and dependable personal self defense products and devices. These are essentially mini modern-day wonders that allow women to watch over their homes as they make it to their deadlines and reach their life goals.

Women who run businesses can also reap the benefits of alarm system installations that saves them from unlikely theft and vandalism.Self-defense systems and tools for women also buy them more time while saving their precious energy that their brimming schedule demands. Today, such practical innovations are making waves in granting women the access to better work-life balance.With just a few DIY safety installations, women may feel safer even when they’re alone or are on their own.

Statistics Prove It’s Dangerous To Be A Woman

No matter where you are, being a woman is bound by challenges and prejudice. But that shouldn’t make you think less of yourself as a person. About 1 in 3 women all over the world is subject to intimate physical violence or sexual violence by a non- partner. In most places such as Ethiopia, and Peru, the number presented may be as high in 7 over 10 women or may drop to around 1 in 4 women in high income countries. The report, Costs of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in the United States, by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), described intimate partner violence or IPV (also known as domestic violence, battering or spouse abuse) as violence committed by a spouse, ex- spouse, current or former boyfriend or girlfriend. It may exist in hetero and/or homosexual relationships.

The National Violence Against Women (NVAW) survey also pointed out that women are much more likely to suffer physical and psychological injuries from IPV. Women reported as being victims of rape, physical assault or stalking are significantly higher than men. Almost 25% of surveyed women had been raped or had an average of 6.9 physical assaults by their partner while 7.5% of surveyed men had been raped or averaged at 4.4 assaults.

Gear Up for Battle, Women of the World

While these numbers prove that women are highly prone to all forms of abuse, women must look at ways to counteract such cases. Self-defense, to many people, is a chance to perform a karate kick to the groin or to throw a jab in the eyes of an attacker. What they forget or don’t know is that self-defense actually means doing everything possible to avoid fighting, being assaulted or even bothered. Self- defense is simply using your smarts and not bleeding your fists. Here are some handy tools along with tips that you may use to be able to run the world as you build your world:

Prep your Pouch with Pepper Sprays

As a woman on the move, pepper spray is an inexpensive tool used for self defense. You can keep it in your bag or you may use it as a keychain or even hang it in your pants/belts for easy access. It’s non-lethal and highly effective when sprayed in the facial area and eyes. It puts a safe distance between you and your attacker and gives you time to escape and get help. Be very careful though that using this weapon comes with presence of mind as it may backfire when you panic. Also known as OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray is a compound that irritates the eyes and makes it tearful.

It’s made from the same chemical that makes chili peppers hot but in much higher concentrations. To be legally allowed to produce and use, manufacturers combine the concentrated oil with water, glycol and a propellant such as nitrogen. The active ingredient in pepper spray also acts as an inflammatory agent that swells up the eyes and mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract causing pain and often times, temporary blindness. It’s widely used in self defense against human and/or animal attack, sometimes even for crowd control.

Guard All Entry and Exit Points

A smart mom knows how to equip their home with ideal security. Burglars may pose as a threat to your home but with the right type and model of driveway entry alarms you’ll always be on guard. The popularity of driveway alert system is growing in the area of residential and commercial security because it is efficient and easy to install. Since driveways are usually used as parking spaces, waking up to a lost car, is not a far cry on this side of the world. With the aid of driveway entry alarms, mothers no longer need to make numerous rounds at night and during wee hours in the morning to make sure that everything and everyone is safe and sound.

This type of self defense sounds the alarm when the entryway is triggered by suspicious movements while the system is activated. If you want increased security or a device to sense intruders long before they reach the door or window, you should look into investing in driveway entry alarms. It’s your early warning from unexpected visitors and it doesn’t only protect you but your family as well. For your convenience, both Hardwired and Wireless Entry Alarms are available in Alarm System Store.

Keep Mom’s Eye on Her Prize

Intruders are always on the lookout, so being able to monitor what happens in and out of your house can bring you and your family peace of mind and heart. Whether you are a working mom or a single parent, mom duties are easier and manageable with the addition of surveillance cameras and other form of alarms in your home. Security cameras are basically used for investigation and deterrence. The image data you gather from your device can be used to review an accident or to see potential intruders.

Daily Mail shared the story of an unnamed mother who had the incident caught on tape because they were able to install cameras due to a similar break-in before. She was with her two kids when three hooded people kicked the door down of their home in Detroit. She took action by open-firing with an assault rifle to deter the intruders. All three suspects were seen running away through the thick snow and was arrested later that day. Surveillance cameras are usually placed in areas where it can easily be seen resulting in a lesser number of attacks and intrusions. Going away may also be easier for you since surveillance cameras set up at home can be used to keep an eye on hired help taking care of the kids or the elderly.

Celebrate The Smart Woman In You

As a Woman of Character, you should fight for you and your family’s safety and protection. As a Woman of Courage, you should be able to practice self-defense in every possible right way. As a Woman of Commitment, you should keep different types of alarm systems as you establish a home that is safe and sound. Always keep in mind that real self defense is about seeing trouble way ahead, doing all things possible to avoid fighting someone who might threaten or attack you. Alarm systems are one of the best things you can have as self defense. Start equipping your home with driveway entry alert alarms and surveillance camera system kits, or get a personalized pepper spray case for your self-protection. Be proud as you take another step with Alarm System Store as your ally in becoming one of the powerful women of today.

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