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Society might still be in the shell of denial but women are gearing towards the idea of conventional weaponry to break past the confines of gender roles. The trend of inherently valuing males doing masculine things while giving very little value in every little else in the society, is an excellent example of society’s inherent misogyny. Today, this old-aged prejudice has perished and women has learned to strut their way to equality lavishing themselves with hammers, rolled-up sleeves, and even bootstraps. Now, what men can do, women can definitely do, maybe even better.

Nowadays, every modern woman could tend to simple tasks like fixing faulty car engines, painting the walls, fixing broken windows, and even installing security alarm systems. With modern tools and high-tech gadgets available you will definitely be left browbeaten and laying on the bathroom floor whilst watching your wife mounting your newly delivered DSC alarm systems as easy as hanging a picture on the wall.

Women as Complex Eves

Women have been portraits of frailty and nothing close to robustness. These creatures even sport of illogical thinking or a varied perspective. If you praise them, they think you’re lying; but if you don’t, they’ll say you’re good for nothing. They will do manly activities on their own and yet act all needy seeking security and safety when their man is around. If you’re a minute late, they complain it’s hard to wait; but if they’re late, they say that it’s their way and that’s the way it should be and will always be – women.

As women have been known to have been snatched from the ribs of men, women have ever since been dependent upon men for protection, among others. The main societal concept revolves around men being all muscles, serving as perfect security systems for every woman with excellent judgement and problem solving skills. Apparently, there’s no puzzle that no Adam descendant is bound to solve. Under this concept, in every household, women are traditionally the epitome of love and care while the man is responsible for keeping family safety and home security.

With the turnaround of the century, even society has been turned around changing the traditional concepts and eradicating centuries-old social norms. The entire portrait of women in dramatic corset and pompous gown, damsel in distress, unable to assist the knight in the fight unable to defend themselves, has long been eliminated from the face of the planet. Now, women are seen as one of the ‘most powerful alarm agent’ known to men forming a society accepting that ‘without her, man is nothing.’

Femininity Defies Boundaries

Women have long been challenging the social construct for the want of equality and the hate of bigotry. We have yet to see attempts to include women in war drafts, but that is not about equality and gender respect. Defying women’s default position in the society is what it is all about. The pose of women has changed dramatically over the past decades. As women gain strength, attention, money and importance in the workplace, households take hold of a new vibe. From 1976 to year 2010, American wives outearned their husbands by almost 200%. This means, women bring home the bacon – or at least more bacon than their husbands – in more than 12 American families.

Also, according to the 16th Annual Census from The Chicago Network, roughly by 2084, women will see a possible equal representation in the boardroom and executive field. In nearly every case, women are said to be better educated than man. Even more, a revolutionary silhouette has changed the comparatively traditionally female values. What men can do, women can do better.

Women over DIY Home Improvement

Work has long been vested in the virtue of men, particularly DIY projects. Picture the traditional image of the husband or father settling down to work complete with his tool box, hard hat, sweaty body, rolled-up sleeves, and a can of beer while doing his repair and installation projects. This is always the portrait of work and its relation towards husbands or men in general. Despite this, a remarkable decline on the percentage of men tending to home maintenance tasks has been recorded over the past 40 years.

This significant decrease could translate that almost half of America’s women have undertaken home improvement tasks in the past 4 decades. Seeing that most DIYs are being ditched in line of technological prowess, the technological boom has equipped women with more than they could chew letting them earn an extra mustache and muscle while busting a man’s tasks without chipping off their nail polish or breaking a sweat. As masculinity becomes more tied up in hardwires, electronics, and pixels, more chappettes think they can do better than men, maybe even blindfolded. It is noteworthy that $70 billion of home improvement purchases are made by women. Perhaps most surprising, according to reports from Forbes, women already out-earn men in several dominated construction jobs. Reports have also revealed that the chief reason why women roll up their sleeves and take on home improvement jobs was to save money.

Roll the DIY security system and covert surveillance cameras and let woman do-it-herself. After all, DIY is not entirely about heavy bootlegging and hammering poles into the ground and beyond. In recent years wireless home security systems have improved significantly to the point where they can incorporate all of the features a hard wired system can, making it more manageable for women. A number of wireless alarm systems no longer require tiresome appointments with sales guys, technicians, and hefty installation fees. With just simple user and programming manuals, you can install your wireless door and window sensors. You can definitely price on peace of mind but that doesn’t mean you can overpay for your home security while you can do it on your own. Dive into do-it-herself projects and be tough enough to deter intruders. Show off those muscles and perform a DIY move in just a flip of a hair!

So maybe, if you dare to compare women to anyone, like men, other than women of the same species, take your vacuous sexist comments and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. We see that the message of empowerment is twofold – gender difference and fairness. Today, women could be men maybe even better. Don’t belittle what women can do, with technology on their side, you might just get busted. Have you checked your car lately? Beware, because right now, she probably knows all your crooks and hooks with that spy camera installed in your car. Perhaps you need one too, why not ask your woman to do it for you too?

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