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You’re done installing an alarm system? Great! That significantly reduces the possibility of criminals and accidents wreaking havoc to your home. However, all the high-tech devices you have can only work best if you have a smart and established home safety routine. What habits must you develop to make sure that all your bases are covered? Here are 12 home safety tips to always keep in mind.

1. Cover Your Windows

Making your interior decor visible from the outside can showcase your furniture and expensive appliance, and it also makes your living space an aquarium for burglars and other criminals. Safety habits at home dictate that you cover your windows with curtains. Consider only keeping your curtains open when you are able to see anyone that may be spying. You can also have your windows double-glazed to hide your valuables and home layout.

2. Use Timers on Home Lighting

home lighting timers
Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

If you’re anxious about what can happen in the dark when you’re away or fast asleep, a range of lights on timers can make your home appear occupied and secure. This is one of the best routines to help avoid burglary. Change the schedule when they turn on and off. This will give the impression that you’re genuinely at home when you’re actually away on vacation.

3. Hide Your Valuables

Burglars nowadays are after your small valuables like laptops and jewelry. If you’re not careful, these items will be very easy for burglars to steal. What you can do to keep your home safe is by smartly hiding your valuables. One way burglars can loot your home is through the boxes of expensive items you throw out. Wait for garbage day until you dispose these boxes. This can effectively deter burglars from knowing anything about your prized possessions.

4. Securely Manage Your Social Media

securely manage social media
Photo courtesy of Pixelkult via Pixabay

Did you know that most burglars and criminals are social media savvy? According to news reports, 78% of burglars use social media to get information on potential victims. Keeping burglars out of your home significantly concerns your online presence. Build the habit of securely managing your social media accounts. Avoid posting about your travels and latest expensive gadget on Facebook and other public sites. You’re just asking for trouble when you give away your location online. Double-check your privacy settings. Make sure that public access to your social media are exclusive to your friends and family.

5. Tidy Up Your Backyard

tidy up your backyard
Photo courtesy of Martin Kníže via Unsplash

The backyard is often forgotten when it comes to home security. Yet it’s among the top areas used by burglars to invade a home. Apart from having an alarm system, don’t leave your ladder or tools lying around. Burglars can easily use these objects to gain access.

6. De-clutter Your Doorstep and Mailbox

The clutter on your doorstep is a giveaway for burglars. Make it a habit to clear the area of mail and flyers. Don’t forget to declutter your mailbox, too. The pile of mail in your mailbox can be used to gather personal information. If you’ll be away for long, suspend all newspaper and magazine subscriptions so they won’t pile up on your doorstep and mailbox.

7. Be Friendly Towards Your Neighbors

Your neighbors can be your best allies for home security. One of the best tips for homeowners is to foster good ties with their neighbors. Your neighbor can be your extra pair of eyes when you’re away. If you’re new to the neighborhood, going door to door or inviting your neighbor for a drink can be good gestures to introduce yourself.

8. Update Your Entry Doors with a Deadlock

update entry doors
Photo courtesy of WDnet Studio via Pexels

A simple padlock or spring bolt lock may not be enough to protect your home. It can be easily opened by a skilled burglar. It’s essential that you always secure your doors with an alarm and a deadlock. Also called a deadbolt, a deadlock has a mechanism with a rotating lock cylinder that can only be opened with the key. This makes it more resistant to entry than ordinary locks. Many new locks also have features that prevent burglars from picking or bumping them open.

9. Have Regular Maintenance of Electrical Wiring

No home is truly safe if it’s not secure from accidents like fire. Having faulty or deteriorating electrical wires is one of the top causes of home fires. Frayed or cracked cords can send sparks to flammable surfaces, which can rapidly start a fire. Ask a licensed electrician to regularly check your home’s wiring and replace any that are worn out.

10. Use a Sturdy Rod on Sliding Doors and Windows

Are you worried about your sliding doors and windows? Having an appropriate home security system like a Honeywell Security System can make a lifesaving difference. You can choose from a variety of kits that suit your needs. Basic sensors like contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors will be very helpful in detecting the entry of sneaky burglars through your doors and windows.

But that doesn’t mean you should make it easy for them. You can reinforce your security system with a wooden rod or metal bar that fits into the sliding track of your door and window. This is one of the cheapest and most effective tricks to make your sliding doors and windows difficult to pry open.

11. Always Park Your Car Properly

always park car properly
Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

Stop auto theft masters from towing your car away by adjusting your car wheels towards the curb when parking. If you have a garage, it’s best to park your car indoors instead of the driveway or side street. Also consider using anti-theft devices like car alarms, immobilizers, and steering wheel locks.

12. Teach Your Kids About Security Habits

teach kids about security habits
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Safety habits at home shouldn’t be overlooked. Teach your kids the basic functions of your alarm system and how to call for help during emergencies. Create an access code that is only given to your kids, family members, and trusted people. At night, make sure that the security devices in your kids’ rooms are activated and that potentially dangerous locations like the pool or the front door are off limits.

Home safety routines for homeowners can make sure that no burglar or preventable accident can take your home by storm. Whether you’re away or worried about security at night, being committed to these 12 habits can complement your security system to create a home that is safe and sound.

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