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The WiFi IP BAT Broadband Alarm Transmitter Communicator is the latest release from IPDatatel. This works just like their regular IPBAT but instead of connecting the panel to a router via ethernet cable; this version is a two piece unit. One piece wires into your control panel and then you take the wireless gateway and attach it to your router.

This will give the module the ability to communicate back and forth without a long run of ethernet cable. It gives you all of the functionality of the original IP BAT and none of the hassle of running ethernet cable through the house. You still get the ability to go online and sign in, through any web browser, and set up your contact list, review your systems event log, and access the system through the virtual keypad. The contact list you set up can be contacted by automated phone call, email, or text message and whichever method you choose for notifications; you will see or hear exactly what is being triggered.

The virtual keypad that you get can be used for anything that you can do on the real keypad such as programming, bypassing zones, arming, disarming, adding user codes, deleting user codes, etc. It even resembles the keypad that is on your system. You can also download an app for your iPhone or Android that works as a simple numeric keypad that you can use as a key fob to arm and disarm your system. Say that you get down the street and remembered that you forgot to arm your system. Well, before the WiFi-IPBAT you had to drive all the way back home and arm it.

Not anymore. With the app for your smart phone, all you have to do is pull out your phone, go to the app, and arm your system. This is a really great product and we have quite a few people using it now. We can't wait to see more developments from IPDatatel in the future because being such a young company; they have really come out with a great device for today's technologically savvy alarm system owner.

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