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Visonic DL-125C 2 Channel Voice Dialer The Visonic DL-125C 2 channel voice dialer is an awesome addition to any alarm system. Most modern alarm panels have the ability to call out to phone numbers for self-monitoring. Most of the time when they call out the only thing that will happen is that the receiver of the call will get a caller ID of the phone number that the alarm system is connected to, but when they answer the call they most often will hear nothing or a sound that closely resembles a fax machine.

With the Visonic dialer users gain the ability to have the system dial out to four phone numbers with a custom voice message, for each channel, recorded by the user in any language. This dialer has two channels which call out upon activation. The two channels report on fire and burglary. The dialer hooks into the sounder terminals and will dial out based upon which pulse is detected by the dialer. You will need a relay for each channel to activate the dialer. I would recommend this for anyone who needs the comfort of actually hearing something when their system calls them.

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