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We have acquired a lot of the original Simon XT version 1 panels at a great price!! The Version 1 panels are what GE first came out with when they introduced the Simon XT as an upgrade from the Simon 3. The Simon XT version 1 is a 40 zone, totally wireless system that makes installing a breeze. The panel voice announces all alarm conditions that occur. This panel also has the ability, if a land-line phone line is wired into it, to call four numbers for self-monitoring purposes.

This means that if you want the panel to call out to your cell phone instead of a central station monitoring service; then you can do it. When the panel calls out to your cell phone; it will voice announce just like it does at the panel itself. Learning devices into the programming of the panel is a snap. All you do is either send a signal from the device that you're trying to learn into the Simon XT or input the serial number into the panel via the keypad.

GE has many wireless devices for this panel ranging anywhere from burglary devices to fire protection. We usually recommend this system to people who aren't very tech savvy because it is the easiest system we have in our stock to set up. Perfect for the elderly because of its ease of setup, use, and the fact that it speaks what is going on with it!

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