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The Silent Knight SIL-SK4 4 zone Fire Alarm Control Panel is our newest offering for a total fire control system. The SIL-SK4 is great if you need a commercial grade fire alarm system. This features a 4-zone control board with a built-in annunciator built into the cabinet. You can attach any number of normally open fire detection devices to the SIL-SK4 including System Sensor's new i3 line of smoke detectors which help you system run smoothly. We have received a lot of calls from people who have wanted a fire system only and this is the perfect solution for those of you who have been calling.

The annunciator panel shows where exactly the fire is located in the building it is installed in. This will help fireman quickly get to the source before the fire turns into a major blaze. You can also silence the sirens on the system but keep the strobe lights active. You can program the NACs (Notification Appliance Circuits) for:

– Silence inhibit

– Auto silence

– Strobe synchronization

– Temporal or steady signal

– Silenceable or nonsilenceable

– Disable Here are some of the specifications/features of the SIL-SK4 along with a couple other panels made by Silent Knight:

• Form C Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble relays

• Optional module that converts all 4 IDCs and 2 NACs to Class A

• 240 VAC primary (SK-4E only) The SIL-SK4 can be monitored by a central-station monitoring service and is great for anyone who wants fire protection, without burglary, for their commercial building.

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