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Do you need alarm monitoring service for your home? The FBI reported that about 7.9 million property crimes were recorded in the US in 2016. About 71.2 percent of all crimes against property was attributed to larceny-theft, 19.1 percent to burglary, and 9.7 percent to motor vehicle theft. Although property crimes dropped 1.3 percent from a year ago, the number of reported felonies is still staggering.

Every household should have, at the minimum, a basic home security system. The presence on an alarm system can be enough of a deterrent to keep a break in from happening. And a siren going off can scare someone off to minimize the damage they do. However, a quick response from the local emergency responders can also make all the difference in the world. This goes for more than just burglary, but things like fire and medical emergencies as well. This is why you should consider alarm monitoring for your home.

Never underestimate the threats of a thinking burglarPhoto courtesy of Tookapic via Pexels

Photo courtesy of Tookapic via Pexels

Despite the high rate of home invasions across the country, many homes are not equipped with even a basic alarm system.

Dr. Claire Nee, a researcher at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, said that burglars become like experts in any field by learning to pick up cues in their environment. This “dysfunctional expertise” distinguishes them from the rest of the population. According to Dr. Nee, burglars constantly make mental notes and calculations on their possible targets. They mark vulnerable properties, observe patterns in the schedule of occupants, and think about the potential pay-off. These thought processes become automatic over time.

“Most burglars will return to a vulnerable neighborhood or street later when they are ready to do the burglary. So they have a lot of competence at choosing properties to burgle and are rarely caught at the scene. Most burglaries are neither impulsive nor heavily planned,” Dr. Nee told The Atlantic.

A home monitoring system is your weapon against a keen criminal. It's quick and accurate. Once it detects an emergency, it sends a signal to a central monitoring station and alerts the proper authorities for immediate response. You can bet that most burglars will take into account the presence of an alarm system when making their assessment.

Home intruders use technology

Home Intruders Use Technology
Photo courtesy of Tookapic via Pexels

Unfortunately, our social media usage is turning into a burden to our home security. Do you know that burglars can do their prospecting off-site? By posting photos of your new purchases, announcing your out-of-town trips, and letting the world know of your daily activities, you're giving away information to criminals. The alarming fact is, about 78 percent of burglars log onto social networks to hunt for their next victims. Insurance company Aviva added that the smartest criminals use platforms like Google Streetview to “inspect entry points and work out whether your house looks like a good target.”

Secure your home and person by exercising due diligence in using social media. Set your privacy settings into private to keep your information away from strangers. If you're going away for a vacation, take caution in posting updates about your itinerary. Surely, you can wait to post photos of your adventures when you get back.

Alarm monitoring keeps an eye on your house while you're away. The locks, outdoor lights, and alarms may be rendered useless if no one responds to the threat at the earliest opportunity. The Honeywell Remote Services Monitoring provides 24/7 surveillance and sends alerts to the appropriate authorities. A smart burglar may know the vulnerable parts of your home and the time when you're away or not on your guard. The best way to deter their evil plans is through a reliable security system with an alarm monitoring system.

Emergency events can strike anytime

Emergency Can Strike Anytime
Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

You've installed surveillance cameras on your porch and backdoor. You also have motion sensors in key parts of your home as well as alarms on doors and windows. So why still spend on an alarm monitoring service? Burglars are not the only threats against the security of your home and its occupants. The latest data from the National Fire Protection Association reported that there were 365,500 home fires across the country in 2015, resulting to $7 billion in direct property damage. These preventable tragedies injured more than 11,000 people and killed 2,650 civilians.

The 2015 NFPA report revealed that unattended cooking caused most of the home fires and home fire injuries. The other leading causes of home fires were heating equipment, electrical distribution and lighting equipment, intentional causes and smoking materials. A basic monitoring service can register fire signals, as well as environmental cues such as temperature and water alarms. A monitoring system can help deal with emergency situations that you can't handle on your own, such as a short circuit in your house. Once the smoke sensor is triggered, it alerts the central station, which in turn confirms with you whether it's a false alarm. If you fail to respond, the central station will contact the fire department for immediate action.

Home insurance is a cost you can't avoid

Home Insurance Can't Be Avoided
Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

If you think you're saving money by not installing a reliable home security system, you're sorely mistaken. You should first look at the risks of not having an alarm system. Sure if you never need to use it, maybe you will save some money. But if there is an emergency whether from a criminal or a fire or a burst water pipe, an alarm system has the potential to pay for itself over and over. But don’t trust us, look at the risk experts for guidance: insurance companies.

Insurers offer discounted home insurance premiums to homeowners with a well-protected property. It simply means that the cost of risk isn't too burdensome for the insurance company. A home security system can lower your home insurance premium up to about 15 to 20 percent, according to the Insurance Information Institute. You can also reduce theft claim quota in your neighborhood, helping your neighbors save money.

Ultimately, a reliable home security system ensures that you get to sleep peacefully at night. Putting up alarm monitoring decal stickers without an actual monitoring system may fool one burglar, but it won't keep you, your family, and your property as safe as the real protection of an alarm system. Invest in a topnotch home monitoring system.

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