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There are a lot of things that couples need to feel secure about before getting married or deciding to live together. There’s financial security and stability of income. There’s also emotional security and how good you feel about each other. But there’s the other type of security that often gets overlooked—home security.

Home security for couples may not be as popular as interior designing or buying furniture, but it is important. A few weeks ago, an unnerving security footage of a home intruder from Chicago somehow sent a message to the whole world why security systems are necessary. A hooded intruder, locally known as the “Creeper Ghost,” entered a home through an unlocked balcony door and hovered above the couple from the stairs while they were sleeping on the couch. Even if the notorious burglar was only able to steal a purse, it was clear to the couple that their security was compromised. Indeed, securing a home for couples is something to invest in.

So, what should newlyweds and couples be looking for? Here are the top home security devices for couples that you can choose from.

Breezy installation on a budget with Honeywell Lynx Plus Kit L300

Most young couples today do not really know how do things with their hands anymore. Cables and wires could be intimidating. Not to mention the inconvenience of trying to run wires in a finished home. In this case, wireless alarm systems are best for them, which could be mounted on the wall without having to pass it through the ceiling or the floor.

Luckily, most Honeywell home security systems, such as the Honeywell Lynx Plus L3000 can be bought in kits and are very easy to install. The Lynx Plus also features a new smaller, more attractive design than its predecessors along with its self-contained wireless alarm system. The main unit contains the control panel, keypad, siren, dialer, two-way voice system, and speakerphone.

Easily used and maintained DSC Touch Wireless Alarms

Convenience is something that young couples do not only demand but expect from almost everything they purchase. Among the security tips for couples living together is to look for alarm kits that are not only easy to use but also easy to maintain.

You may now arm and disarm your security system with just one touch with modern devices from Alarm System Store like the DSC Touch Wireless Alarm System—an all-in-one wireless touchscreen alarm system that lets users have a total home experience. Programs may also be customized to fit specific needs and guard particular parts of the house that couples may find very vulnerable to burglars and intruders. They are also equipped with long battery life that last up to two years so you don’t need to monitor it every so often.

Remote accessing and monitoring with Honeywell Total Connect Video

In a smart phone generation, people expect their phones to do everything for them. Even for home security. Well, couples would be glad to know that now they can. Modern security kits from Alarm System Store include devices which may be linked to the phone via applications and web platforms with add-on features such as Honeywell Total Connect Video. This allows you to access security footages wherever you are.

Remote capabilities also allow users the benefits of being able to take control of their home security. This allows you to lock and unlock doors remotely, arm and disarm the system, and program other features of your home. You may also receive real time alerts when a threat is identified.

Modern and stylish with DSC Kit64-219SE

modern and stylish
Photo courtesy of PIRO4D via Pixabay

The look and interiors are very important for couples who have just moved in together. They plan and design what goes in every corner. It obviously helps if the security system also looks good. It is no wonder that among the most popular security devices for apartments are those with a stylish and easy-to-use keypad like the DSC Kit64-219SE Power 1864 Alarm System Kit. Its keypads have a sleek exterior that can blend well with your existing interior design.

Home automation and management with Z-wave Home Automation Devices

Home automation and management
Photo courtesy of tookapic via Pixabay

Most couples share financial responsibilities at home. Thus, the need for both of them to work in order to maintain a certain lifestyle. A useful home security tip for newlyweds and couples is to buy or upgrade to security systems with home automation features. This means you don’t need to spread yourself too thin, juggling office work with home matters.

Such flexibility allows for the automatic turning on and off of lights, managing thermostat, and other electrical appliances that will be programmed into the system with Z-Wave home automation devices. You’ll never have to worry if you left the thermostat or the lights on when you stepped out of the house. This home security innovation also helps you cut your energy costs.

Couples need to be secure about their space. It is important that they are able to protect what truly matters. A security system isn’t just a home accessory. It is your own roving guard and home manager rolled into one.

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