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When you think about securing your home from break-ins, the first thing you consider is your front door. Understandably so because it is your home’s main point of entry. But to keep burglars at bay, you have to do more than that and not overlook other security details, one of which is securing your garage from burglary.

According to statistics, at least 9% of burglars enter through the garage door. You can, of course, downplay this and say it is a small number, until it happens to you. There is no better time to prevent garage door break-ins than today, because burglars are hungry and desperate, which means they are becoming increasingly dangerous. Don’t take your chances, and check your garage door. Will it stand burglars? Is it secure enough?

Check out this checklist in order to ensure the security of your garage.

Shut it down

garage door keep close

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Sounds like common sense? Sure, but fairly uncommon to some homeowners. If you are in a rush, which is probably always the case, the chances of leaving your garage door open is highly possible.

Apart from reminding yourself to close it, or have someone do it for you, installing a garage door controller or automatic garage door openers is the easy way to go. There are several controllers that will automatically close down your garage door after you have driven off. The GD00Z-5, a Z-Wave Garage Door Controller, also allows you to remotely control your garage door. It will also notify you if you've accidentally left the garage door open.

Install a security system

Never underestimate the power of a home security system. In securing your garage, install a garage door contact that is connected to your main panel. That way, if anyone attempts to barge in, the alarm will be set off.

Honeywell Home Security provides a wide range of options. Most of the security systems today are wireless for easy installation, and offers a variety of features such as motion detectors, tilt sensors, touchpads, automation, wireless receivers, etc. They are even compatible with various accessories.

Keep doors locked

Equally important as securing your garage doors is keeping the door between your house and garage locked. This door leading from the garage to any side doors in your home can be as vulnerable as any entry point. Make sure the doors are made of durable material and equipped with garage door security locks that can’t be easily compromised. A digital door lock can make your doors more secure.

If your garage has a side door, placing doorstops screwed to the door will make it harder for anyone to break it down by force such as kicking. If your garage has windows, keep them closed as well, and heighten their integrity. At the same time, make sure burglars can’t see through them. Use a frosted spray paint or install shades to prevent burglars from taking a peek into your home.

Light it up

Burglars do not like being exposed. One of their top peeves are homes that are well-lit. So if you want to deter burglars and prevent garage break-ins, make sure the exterior of house is well-lit. It is also advised to upgrade to motion detector lights for added security. These have infrared waves that can detect body temperature and other moving objects. When motion is detected, light automatically turns on and it stays that way until the subject moves away. Light timers are also a great investment for when you have to be away for a longer period. Just set their on and off time so you also don’t waste electricity.

Keeping a radio on at night also indicates human presence and can quickly turn burglars away.

Shield the release

You would be surprised at how enterprising burglars are these days. Some can even disable an automatic garage door. They do this by tampering the emergency release on the door from the inside so that they could open the garage door from the outside.

Protect your garage from this kind of attack with a garage shield that attaches to the emergency release bar. It shields the release handle and adds a layer of defense.

Take the remote with you

keys and garage door remote

Photo Courtesy of TBIT via Pixabay

Don’t give a burglar access to your home by leaving your garage remote in your car. If a thief breaks into your car, the remote will give him a ticket to your home. You wouldn’t leave your house keys in the car, right? So why leave your garage key?

Remember to always take the remote with you even if your car is parked in your driveway. It is also best to get a garage door opener that you can attach to your keychain. Make sure they match.

Routine maintenance

routine maintenance garage

Photo Courtesy of Linsengesicht via Pixabay

Even with all the locks, timers, and security system, your garage doors must be routinely checked and maintained. The mechanical parts of your garage door, whether roll up or sectional, must be checked regularly. The door from your garage leading to your house must also be maintained, especially its locks and hinges.

Your garage door is only as secure as you make it. Garage break-in prevention is made easier now with all the tools and technology available. The key is to reassess your garage door and see what it needs. Security systems for garages are out there, it is just up to you choose which ones work best.

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