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Funny home surveillance videos have a cool way of showcasing the importance of home security and safety. Apart from providing a good laugh and positive vibes, these heartwarming and wacky videos should remind you that your home security equipment has the power to sustain a safe living environment.

The home is where accidents happen most of the time and nothing can take away the fun more than being clueless about your loved ones at home. Whether it’s your hyperactive pets, curious kids or a chaotic combination of both, a video surveillance system provides security while allowing you to capture priceless moments at home, even while you’re away. Need more convincing? Watch these 8 funny videos captured on surveillance camera.

1. Genius baby carries out a brilliant plan

Like many parents, you probably consider having a home security equipment as a means to look after your home and kids. But did you know that it can also reveal the talents that your kid has?

Media courtesy of Francisco Aguilar via Youtube

Get to witness milestones such as this with Alarm System Store’s Honeywell IPCAM-WL Camera IP for Total Connect. It’s a handy device that you can use either wired to your router or by wireless connection. Great for low light environments such as the bedroom, the device also provides a secure remote connection when you access it through a total connect video subscription.

2. Cute pets patiently waiting for their owner

Ever wondered what your pets at home do when you’re not around? The owner of this video has decided to set up a surveillance camera and recorded his pets as they patiently waited for him. Watch what happens here.

Media courtesy of Rumble Viral via Youtube

3. Fun dad dancing and lip syncing to a Katy Perry song

Many parents can be meticulous so they can ensure a safe home for their kids. In this hilarious and heartwarming surveillance video, the father-of-two is caught breaking stereotypes by showing off his laundry, dancing, and lip-syncing skills. Watch as he proves that having a safe home doesn't have to be boring at all.

Media courtesy of Rumble Viral via Youtube

Ever wondered how your partner takes care of the kids when you're not around? Find out with Alarm System Store's 2Gig Technologies Indoor Camera with Night Vision. It’s a useful and convenient device that can be viewed from the Internet and through your smartphone with an Video Monitoring subscription. The HD resolution provides crisp clarity when viewing live video or saved clips. This is one smart device for a hands-on parent.

4. Sweet boy steals a hug from a dog

Media courtesy of Rumble Viral via Youtube

Aside from keeping an eye on the areas of your home often targeted by burglars, home surveillance cameras are also great for capturing cute little kids sneaking into the garage. Won't you agree? But in this the surveillance video, what was captured might be the sweetest bandit ever. A little boy is seen quietly sneaking into the garage to steal a loving hug from his neighbor’s pet dog.

5. What cute babies do during nap time

Media courtesy of Rumble Viral via Youtube

It’s important to look after the safety of the kids at all times, even during nap time. It need not be complicated nor expensive. A DIY security system from Alarm System Store might be all that you need. Consider’s Indoor Wireless Fixed IP Camera with Night Vision to monitor your baby. It’s a good DIY professional device that can clearly capture videos and images up to 20 feet, even at night. With this device, never again should you feel left in the dark when it comes to your baby’s safety and security.

6. A playful dog is overjoyed on the bed

This has got to be one of the most watched funny videos caught on a surveillance camera. To get to the bottom of things, the owner set up a hidden camera and was able to capture the dog in the act. Look out for the best part below!

Media courtesy of The Funniest Animals via Youtube

7. Doting dad goes into his baby’s crib

Many parents consider the best home surveillance system as their ally in taking care of their kids. Cameras have become popular to parents who understand the need of having extra eyes in their baby’s bedroom.

Media courtesy of Nunzio Raso via Youtube

Be there when your baby is in need of anything with Alarm System Store’s 2MP HD Day-Night Indoor-Outdoor IP camera. It’s a helpful device that will give you high quality images whether your use it indoor or outdoor. It also features an IP66 ingress protection, which means it’s durable enough to withstand elements such as dust, wind, and rain.

8. Brave cat saves a boy from a vicious dog attack

Having a pet-safe home is important, because as studies show, 61% of dog attacks happen at home or in a familiar place. One can imagine this video being useful to accost the dog’s owner for the possibly lethal episode.

Media courtesy of COOL.TV via Youtube

After watching these videos, can you honestly say that you’re aware of what happens when you’re not at home? While there are a lot of fun moments in your home, the issue of home security is never simply fun and games. So if you don’t have a home surveillance system yet, consider getting one to ensure a home that is fun and safe for those who matter to you. Who knows? You might even get lucky and record a gem like these.

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