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Honeywell Total Connect Video That's right!! We are now offering Honeywell's Total Connect Video service. We are very proud to have this as addition to our already great line of monitoring options. Almost everyone now-a-days has heard of Honeywell's Total Connect service on television. The service allows people to have monitoring service through a GSM cellular communicator which also allows them to remotely control their alarm system as well.

Well, Honeywell also offers as an add-on or standalone service the Total Connect Video service. This service, with the use of Honeywell Total Connect Video equipment, allows subscribers to remotely view their location from anywhere in the world. Whether it be from a PC, Ipad, Smartphone, etc.; you can now have the piece of mind that comes from being able to view your location while you're away.

The cameras run on a secure network and you never have to worry about anyone other than you, or those you give permission, accessing your cameras. A very nice addition to your monitoring or a great new way to insure the security of your home! You can go HERE to learn more about the video service as well as the Total Connect monitoring service.

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