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Technology is only as good as how you use it. Your smartphone may be the newest model, but if you only use it to call or send messages, you might as well just get a regular phone. We are seeing a technological revolution like never before. And we definitely depend on technology to keep our homes secure and our families safe. But security systems these days do more than just prevent break-ins. Modern alarm systems are more flexible than ever before as well. They guard against emergencies as expected and can even help manage households through integration with various home automation devices and other security and environmental sensors.

honeywell vista guard against emergencies
Photo courtesy of Wokandapix via Pixabay

The Ademco Honeywell Vista 20P kit is an example of a reliable and flexible security system that does everything from preventing burglary to monitoring carbon monoxide and water level during storms. So if you have Vista 20P or if you are still looking for the best reasons to choose the Vista 20P, here’s what you can expect and why every modern household needs it.

Your personal home manager

Have you ever experienced a spike in your electric bill because you forgot to turn off your lights or manage your thermostat? If this happens quite often, you’ll find the Honeywell Vista 20P very useful.

honeywell vista personal home manager
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One of the key features of the Honeywell Vista 20P is that it is capable of accommodating home automation by using either the TUXEDO Color Touchscreen Keypad or the Honeywell VAM through Honeywell Total Connect. Or also has the System Enhancement Module (SEM) that makes their interactive services backwards compatible with the Vista 20P. With this, you can control lighting, locks, and thermostats around the house. Having Vista 20P is like having a home manager at your fingertips; it is perfect for every modern household where people are always on the go.

First defense against fire

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were more than 1.3 million incidents of fire in the United States in 2015. This means one home structure catches fire every 86 seconds. Apart from deaths and injuries, fires also resulted in over $10.3 billion worth of property damage. Among the primary causes are electrical, cooking, and heating appliances, and other household products.

honeywell vista defense against fire
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The Honeywell Vista 20P can monitor smoke and fire just by adding the necessary detectors so you’ll never be caught off guard. The fire protection system of Vista 20P is always active. In the event that a fire is detected, the smoke and heat detectors will be automatically activated and will trigger a loud sound from the keypad, where a fire message will appear. Uninterrupted sound will also be produced by exterior sounders, which you can add.

Guard against poison

We all have the illusion that the home is the safest haven on earth. It could be, depending on how you protect it. But do you know that a colorless, odorless poisonous gas could be filling the air? Carbon monoxide (CO) is found in fumes every time you burn fuels such as in the case of motor vehicles. It could also be present in homes with stoves, grills, gas ranges or furnaces.

honeywell vista guard against poision
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This means CO poisoning could build up indoors and harm your loved ones. Everyone is at risk but the elderly, infants, and people with breathing problems and chronic heart diseases are at a higher risk. CO poisoning is responsible for more than 20,000 emergency room visits each year.

Protect your family from CO poisoning with a Vista 20P and carbon monoxide sensors. It provides early warning when its sensing technology measures high carbon monoxide levels in the air, perfect for homes with infants and elderly people that are more susceptible.

Detect flooding and temperature

honeywell vista flooding and temperature
Photo courtesy of terimakasih0 via Pixabay

If you live in a flood-prone area, or even just having water pipes puts you at risk of water damage, adding flood detectors to Honeywell Vista 20P should come in handy. The flood sensors will alert homeowners if there is flooding or water leaks around the house such as the basement, bathroom or kitchen. Many such sensors can also monitor the temperature for an overall home environmental protection.

Remote security control

Utilizing Honeywell Total Connect or Interactive with the Vista 20P gives you access to your home alarm system from anywhere that you can access the internet whether via your smartphone, tablet, or a computer. You can arm or disarm and check the status of the alarm system just to name a couple basic features. This capability is especially important to modern homeowners who do almost everything with their phones.

These days, you should demand more out of your home security system. A modern household has many things to worry about, and a truly reliable and flexible home alarm system should be able to deliver on those fronts, too. On your next trip to an alarm system store, look for security systems that protect your family and offer a wide coverage for other things important to you.

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