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Whether your family opts to rent or your work entails you to move from one place to another readily, getting an alarm system can be quite a feat. Having to devote time to install it and the inescapable fees that go with it seems to stir a dilemma between monitoring your home remotely and saving some cash for your family’s security funds.

Enter iSmart alarms. This fairly new home security device is meant to answer the most pressing needs of people for more convenient, less expensive alarm upgrades. To begin with, you need a smartphone or a tablet plus a WiFi connection and you’re qualified to get the advantage of not having to fuss about whether someone is lurking in your home or office. As the latest release of the Digital Consumer Report revealed, 65% of Americans own a smartphone and the idea of gaining peace of mind whether at sleep or when you’re out and about.

What Exactly Makes iSmart Smarter

iSmart has definitely changed the game as it gave a no on all the go’s that makes alarm systems tricky. You no longer have to worry about installation fees, wiring, monthly fees and contracts. On top of this, you have the power to arm and disarm your device whenever, wherever, however. Since this warning device allows multiple users at once, the chances of missing an alert should there be one are less likely to happen. In the same manner, as soon as a security threat surfaces, iSmart notifies each of these users through a phone call, an email or a text message. Portable, practical and price-friendly security is right at your fingertips with iSmart. For the remaining 35% of Americans who do not have a smartphone, the iSmart Kit has two remotes with only 4 buttons that mirrors the iOs and the Android app. For instance, kids and older members of the family not only get to be in the know; more importantly, with this innovation, they are being empowered without having to push them too hard. Indeed, getting more heads together to look after your hard-earned property and possession is now a group effort, instead of just being minded by one or two individuals in a group.

How to Set Up the iSmart Kit

As soon as you decide on the location of the Cube One, turn it on. Though the design is already discreet, it’s still better to ensure that you’ve concealed it cleverly. Wait for it to “breath”–meaning waiting for it to go from red to white. This would take about 2 minutes to accomplish. While waiting, download the iSmart Alarm app in iOs or Android. Remember that your phone or tablet and the cube must be connected to the same WiFi network. For you to be able to log in, the app requires you to key in your email and phone number so as to enable the feature that allows the device to make a call once it detects something out of the usual. There is a maximum of 5 users who will be notified once a probable emergency arises. Should the first person on the list fail to answer, the system automatically proceeds to the next one. As you access the app, you get an easy-to-follow guide regarding detaching battery tags in order to activate the other items on the kit. 

A 350-degree camera keeps all your bases covered. Now that the cube and your smartphone is “security” synched, you’re off to plugging your wireless surveillance 350-degree cameras in place. This camera can be manipulated via phone. During security alerts, it captures 5 photos so that you can already send it to the police as soon as you get their help. This comes in handy when these burglars sneak out of your place sooner than the police comes in. Should you have a bigger space or a space that has a number of thick walls, this security kit is expandable, so scaling it won’t cause nor cost you anything unnecessary. Before you get set and go, it is highly recommended that you replace the name of the component so that you can remember it more easily. This alarm showcases a 110-decibel siren that is louder than the grumble of a lawnmower.

Subtle Sensors and Ready Remote Control

The iSmart kit has both motion and contact sensors. The motion sensors can go as far as 30 feet in open space and has a considerable 90-degree detection angle. It communicates wirelessly with the Cube One and runs on 3 1.5 AAA batteries. The contact sensors on the other hand, are specially crafted for almost anything that opens and shuts. In an open space, these contact sensors can communicate with the cube in a range of 320 feet. As mentioned above, the iSmart Alarm comes with a four-button remote. It’s simple to remember since they come with large icons. The arm and disarm buttons are of course, ever present. Arming by the way, takes 90 seconds–just enough time to let you get out of the house. The home button keeps all the systems armed but disarms the motion sensor–another convenient feature. And of course, for emergencies, there is a panic button which sets of the 110-decibel siren along with the whole alarm. This remote is not too bulky nor too tiny so you can lug it around as a keychain.

Smarter Upgrades and Updates

Recently, iSmart released several upgrades via their blog that include the following: - An open sensor override; this means that should a protected door or window is open, you have the option to arm the system should you wish to - Emergency contact number editing so that you can be more at peace with a 911 call, the help of sheriff or a nearby family member - Remote reboot options - Door chimes feature which is perfect for home offices or high-traffic areas around the house - Spanish, French, Italian and German language options - Bugs fixed for Android and iOs As this fairly new entrant fares in the alarm system landscape, it is on its way to reach more segments who are indeed of alarms sans the hassles of owning one.

Smart Means Sophisticated and Simple  

A truly smart warning device is something that lessens the cost and comes with flexible benefits brought about by practical features. Whether you are an avid DIY person or a reluctant alarm-purchaser, the iSmart Alarm kit along with its expandable and portable convenience is definitely something that may be worth you and your family’s while. Indeed, self-monitoring is no longer a far-flung option. What’s better though is that as you get your much deserved security upgrades, you also gain a better sense of independence as you literally and figuratively check whether you’ve got all your bases covered. Getting your own DIY iSmart kit from Alarm System Store gives you the low-price guarantee, toll-free support and free same day shipping on orders over $199. Get in touch with our team for flexible, budget-friendly security options now.

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