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Honeywell WAP Wireless Access Portal We are soon to be bringing Honeywell's Total Connect Video Service to our already great monitoring options. The Honeywell Total Connect Video service is a stand-alone service that you can use without a monitoring contract. There is a service fee required to use it but you don't have to have monitoring to use it. Now you can view your premises while you are away via any internet connection and because of Honeywell's secure server; you won't ever have to worry about anyone else being able to access it.

The Honeywell WAP Wireless Access Portal is the hub of your home's Total Connect Video feature. This operates just like a Wi-Fi switch that connects to a port on your router. This will bring all your cameras, whether you have them wired or wireless, together. When you connect this to your router the router needs to be configured to be a DHCP server for this device. The Honeywell WAP Wireless Access Portal will then, if your router is configured for port-forwarding, allow you to remotely view your cameras. We are excited to be able to offer this as a choice for people who want the remote video that everyone these days is so ready to use.

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