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The  Honeywell MID-7H Android Mobile Internet Device w/ Built-In Wi-Fi is one of the newest additions to our stock and it is a great addition at that!

When I was first introduced to the MID-7H I noticed that it came in a Honeywell branded product box with the usual red and white packaging. I proceeded to open the box to get my hands on the cool tablet which lay inside.

Upon opening the product box; I immediately saw the MID-7H tablet. It's a sleek, black tablet with a 7" screen. I tried powering up the tablet, but it seems that Honeywell sends them without a charged battery. I looked further into the box and found the power adapter. I also located a little zip-locked baggy that contained the tablet's user manual, 2-USB adapters, and a set of earphones. They really give you everything you'd need to use it.

I plugged the tablet in and about an hour later it had enough juice to boot up plus some. When the tablet came on; it operated just like any other android tablet would. You get the 'Slide To Unlock' screen. I slid the slider and then the home screen was presented to me.

The display of the MID-7H is very nice and has a beautiful color palette. All the familiar icons where there such as 'Settings', 'Browser', and 'Gallery' along with a new one that comes already installed by Honeywell. This app icon is for the L5100 Connect app that controls the LYNX L5100 wireless alarm system. I started the app and it gave me a screen asking me to accept the terms and conditions and I accepted it then told me that it could not detect any L5100 panel on the network.

That is when I realized that I had forgotten to install the L5100-WIFI card into the L5100 panel. I removed the WIFI card from its box and installed it in the L5100 panel. It was a snap, literally. It snaps into place on a connector on the main board. After I installed the card I went into the tools section and entered my master code. I then chose the 'WiFi Config' option and scanned for wireless networks. When my network was discovered I chose it and then entered the authentication information. At that point the panel synced up to my network and I was ready to link the MID-7H to the L5100 panel.

I picked up the tablet and started the L5100 Connect app, agreed to the terms, and then the app started looking for my alarm panel on the network. It took a matter of seconds and then I was presented with an interface that resembled the keypad on my Lynx Touch Screen.

As far as the workings of the MID-7H app interface went; it has a lot of the same features as the main panel itself. The only thing I couldn't access on the MID-7h app was the programming sections. Other than that it had all of the functionality of the L5100. It gave me options to control Z-Wave devices if I had any and gives the option to arm in both 'Away' and 'Stay' modes.

I really like the tablet because not only can it do all the great things an Android tablet does such as surf the internet, email, games, etc., but it can now be used to control the security of my home.

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