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Honeywell Lynx Touch L5000 The Honeywell Lynx Touch L5000 is here!!! If you were a fan of the Lynx Plus then you will love the new version of the Lynx alarm panel. This touch screen panel is so user-friendly that it might put some installers out of business! This has a lot of the same features of the Lynx Plus but a whole lot more! The number of zones in this model has been expanded to 64 over the Lynx Plus' 40 zone capacity. As well as having more zones than the Lynx Plus; the L5000 has 2 numbers that can be called out to for self-monitoring.  A lot of people wanted more than one number being called out if they were not using a monitoring service. With the new Lynx Touch users get to have a two number dial out.

If your alarm went off then it could call your cellphone and office. The Lynx Touch still has the same voice annunciation but the voice is a little different and the speaker is louder. You can easily change the volume by touching and dragging the volume slider up or down. Another thing that is different in this newer model is that with the Lynx Plus you had to learn in every button on a key chain remote. With the Lynx Touch you go into programming and choose the 'Keys' programming option. When you're in this mode all you have to do is choose how many buttons the remote has and then press one button. The entire set of buttons gets learned in with the press of one button! Another feature of the new Lynx Touch is the ease of use when it comes to home automation.

The Lynx Plus could perform some home automation through the use of X-10 devices. The problem with X-10 devices is that the use your house's wiring to send the signal from the alarm panel. Most homes have circuit branches from their breaker box. If the device you want to trigger is on one branch and the transmitter is on the other; this could cause intermittent operation. The new Lynx Touch, with the addition of the Z-Bridge module, can operate through wi-fi to operate devices. This is way more reliable than conventional X-10 operation. If you would like to know more about Z-Wave technology then you can visit to learn more about this advancement in home automation.

I have had a lot of fun learning about this new system. Like I said, it is so easy to use that anyone with a little patience who thoroughly reads their manuals could set this up in no time. Honeywell products just keep getting better and easier to use every time they come out with new things. 

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