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The human brain is a powerful computer, but it’s also limited in many ways. When it’s rushed, stressed or overloaded with stimuli, it has more trouble processing information. That’s why even the smartest parents and single homeowners can make mistakes; they have to juggle priorities like family, career, personal development, and home management on a daily basis. In fact, a lot of homeowners don’t realize how much time, effort, and energy they waste until they use a smart solution like the DSC Touch system. Just imagine: what if you could lock all your doors and secure your home with just one touch? Or know when someone breaks into your home? Or reduce your lighting and climate control costs? With the DSC Touch all-in-one system, you can get smarter and easier control over your home.

Set Up with Ease

DSC Set Up with Ease
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The most important benefits of the DSC Touch alarm system come from its simplicity. The heart of the system is the DSC Touch Panel, which is meant to stay in just one place in the house. You don’t have to worry about tangles of wires and cables because the panel needs only one: the power input cable. It performs its functions through standard wireless channels – WiFi, a cellular connection, and a 433MHz radio connection – as well as more specialized image sensor radio and Z-wave connections that you will know about more in the article. The 7-inch touchscreen display is not only good-looking, it’s also functional.

The interactive menu is designed to be intuitive, letting users navigate through the different functions and apps, which are all powered via Android. Updates are received over WiFi, so new software features are loaded as they become available. You can access FAQs and pre-loaded information to understand the menu choices more clearly. If you want to go back to the main menu, just press the right button at the bottom of the panel.

Make Security Shareable

DSC Make Security Shareable
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To make home security easier, you can allow multiple users to access the DSC touch panel. During setup, you can create user profiles for family members and trusted friends. You have different types of profiles to choose from: Masters can access the most functions, followed by Users, and then by Guests who have the fewest access privileges. An easy-to-use wireless alarm system can make people feel secure without feeling helpless or lost in the technical details. Family members and trusted friends should be able to figure out how to use the intuitive interface and simple, pre-loaded instructional videos.

However, if some friends and relatives still have trouble following those, you can create your own instructional video materials and upload them onto the panel. And remember, older people shouldn’t be ashamed of being taught by younger ones, considering that it’s not uncommon for parents to learn about tech from the young ones. The left button at the bottom of the DSC Touch panel is a panic button, which users can easily access. Remote access is also possible: among the many features of the DSC Touch Wireless Alarm System, the most useful for families is probably the ability to connect with different alarm control devices.

The 433MHz connection links the panel to simple triggers like wearable panic buttons, key fobs, and auxiliary buttons, which provides alternative options for intruder alerts. You can also buy an IQ2 remote touchscreen and connect it to the main DSC Touch panel via WiFi. The IQ2 is essentially a second touch panel; it has the same functions as the DSC Touch, and you can either mount it on the wall or leave it on a table-top stand.

Get Peace of Mind with Improved Security Alerts

DSC Improved Security Alert
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The touch panel’s 433MHz radio connection lets it communicate with one-way DSC wireless alarm sensors, all of which can be found in the Alarm System Store. These include motion detectors, glass-break alarms, smoke alarms, CO detectors, and entryway transmitters so you can be alerted if there’s a break-in or an environmental hazard. The panel’s image sensor radio lets it connect to separately sold image sensors, such as the IS-214 and the IS-220. Image sensors are the next evolution of motion detectors: not only do they detect motion, they also capture an image to show users the source of the movement.

This helps reduce the incidences of false alarms since you can check whether there’s an intruder in your home or Fido is just being extra rambunctious. A 3MP front camera on the panel provides extra security. It captures a photo automatically when an alarm is triggered or when the security system is disarmed, letting you see if anyone has tampered with the system. You can view all the images taken by that camera through the camera app, and you can set it so only users who enter a certain code can see them.

Finally, you can also customize the sounds associated with security and safety sensors. You can apply voice settings so that each connected device triggers a specific voice prompt upon activation. Some people argue that you’re better off using chime settings. They say that by assigning different chimes to different devices, you can make sure that only family members and trusted guests can distinguish which ones have been tripped – a potentially lifesaving advantage in case of a home invasion. Whichever you prefer, the DSC Touch can do it.

Put Your Home in Smart Hands

DSC Smart Hands
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What do people want from smart home management systems? A survey by Coldwell Banker in the US found that 45% of Americans planned to invest in smart home features by the end of 2016. Smart security is becoming increasingly important; interested users are generally after cost savings, energy efficiency, and an easier home life. Because it’s compatible with many Z-wave smart home devices, the DSC Touch Panel lets you enjoy those benefits and more.

For climate control, you can connect three to five Z-wave-enabled thermostats to your touch panel. By controlling the different zones in your house, you stand to use less energy and save more. Z-wave-compatible lighting fixtures provide similar benefits, with the panel accommodating up to 30 Z-wave compatible smart lighting fixtures. With Z-wave compatible smart sockets, you have the ability to cut off the power supply to devices plugged into the sockets using the Touch panel. The system can also accommodate up to 10 other Z-wave devices. The DSC Touch Panel’s smart home functions can be set so that Z-Wave control and installation settings are only accessible through a master user code.

Have It Your Way

DSC Have it your Way
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The most useful home management hacks to simplify home life involve automation based on routines. For example, you can program your thermostats to raise or lower the temperature during specific times of the day. With IQ smart sockets, it’s also possible schedule power to be cut off to specific devices – for example, when you don’t want your kids to stay up too late watching TV or when you want to turn on the lights at specific times during the night to scare off thieves. Other smart home management tips using DSC Touch involve off-site smart device control.

The DSC Touch Panel can be accessed online via With that, you can set up Internet access to control devices remotely, letting you do things like shut off lights that you accidentally left on or lower the temperature at home while you’re not there. The touch panel can also be adjusted for more subtle preferences. For example, entry and exit delay settings can be tweaked so that users who take longer to enter or leave the house have more time to enter any security codes needed. The panel can be set to show a digital photo slideshow that has pre-loaded photos when it’s not in use. You can also upload your own photos, such as family pictures, through the SD card slot.

Finally, you can choose from one of three languages: Spanish, French, and English. Of course, these are just some of the features available. Once you have the system installed in your abode, you can uncover other functions through a more thorough DSC Touch review and exploration. Because of the device’s intuitive interface and simple apps, the process of learning will probably feel more like a game than a chore. And the more comfortable you become with it, the more you can maximize its benefits. With advances in technology, smart home alarm systems will help you get the level of security and home management your home deserves.



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