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These days, all forms of abuse and neglect are common in every home, for every reason imaginable and laughable. One slight misstep might lead to a damage or loss that you may regret for the rest of your life. Even an elder woman has made it to the news because she had caught her home-caregiver stealing from her wallet with the aid of a camera she covertly installed for protection. Sad as it may seem, no one can be authentically safe in the comforts of their very own homes. In the same manner that doors and windows can be easily tampered, trust in household members, who are not part of the family, seem to be rarer today.


Hidden home surveillance cameras are meant to keep you updated and alerted should there be an emergency or an urgent concern that you can otherwise miss. The versatility of these cameras at home grants you the access to continuously monitor your family and your hard-earned property. These warning device installations are your allies in making sure that you come home with a sense of peace, knowing that even if you’re out the whole day, you still keep an eye on everyone in the family.

Modern Moms and Dads Go with Nanny Cams

Due to the rising increase of expenses, moms and dads take two or three jobs leaving their homes almost unguarded. To check out if your nannies are indeed worthy of your trust, leaving a nanny cam to see how they treat your child when you are not in within property’s perimeter. For stay-at-home mothers, leaving a nanny cam will allow you to accomplish your chores as you keep an extra eye on your baby or older child without having to be in the same room. What’s better is that the version of Alarm System Store on the digital wireless nanny cam features a smart infrared vision that functions even when the lights are out. No need to worry about the chances of disturbing your child who sleeps soundly.


This wireless surveillance camera is worth the investment as it could also work for older kids. All you have to do is to let them hold unto it and teach them to use it as a two-way radio. For circumstances when you need to be in another area of the house, such as an emergency or seeking cover should there be a home invasion, this device comes in handy and ready.


Caring for Elderly Household Members

During the past decade, there has been an increase in households that care for older family members. Hidden spy cameras in the form of functional designs are surefire ways to constantly yet covertly monitor elders who are vulnerable to shady caregivers. Some elders feel like they do not need to be guided nor watched closely, so your best bet for the job is to get personal security cameras that are concealed as daily fixtures in the house.


For instance, placing a spy digital clock alarm clock armed with DVR and motion detector won’t make your old folks feel too fragile; while you can see their every move. This model has impressively high resolution that takes still shots and videos. For states that allow sound recording in surveillance monitoring, all you need is one-button push, and you’d get to hear every conversation between an elder and his/her caregiver. Administering medications may also be documented better with this nifty device. Intruders come as they wish, and when they wish to. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that American families are vulnerable to falling into being a victim more than 2 million home burglaries.

You don’t want to get caught off guard by smart intruders who know their way to go undercover For areas that need a wider range of protection, covert smoke detector camera would silently yet vigilantly keep track of a burglar’s every move. Families who are always out of home or those whose lifestyle require them to take numerous trips and very late nights, can get this little yet powerful alarm upgrade. In case of a home invasion, having these security measures in place will allow you to take hard evidences that can be retrieved whenever the need arises. By gathering the intruders’ trails, getting back your stolen items or letting them pay for the damages they’ve done is more likely to happen.

Be Alarmed, Be Alert, Be Armed

In determining the best hidden cameras for your home’s much needed added security and safety measures, start with assessing your lifestyle, alongside your budget and your specific needs. Remember that various designs of are made to bring the most reliable, and dependable updates about your home and family even when you’re busy at work, or in a business or leisurely trip. Look for surveillance devices that have time and date stamps on the videos and photos on top of having crisp and clear captures.

Alarm System Store is your ally when it comes to being armed with simple, easy-to-install, and low maintenance hidden home security cameras. With competitive prices and solid technical support, you can build your home as you provide for your household.To know what alarm system solutions and upgrades would best suit your needs and budget, get in touch with us.

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