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A standout from today’s wireless alarm systems, the DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm System is the only one in the DSC lineup with a control panel separated wirelessly from the keypads and sirens. This innovative separation of components, along with the system’s two-way communication signals and other powerful features, provide greater convenience, reliability, and protection, making it a cutting-edge technology in the alarm security industry. 

Get started on the fast facts and instructions that you need to know on how to use the DSC Alexor alarm. Here is a quick DSC Alexor review and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) guide so you can make the most out of this smart investment.

Is the DSC Alexor totally wireless?

Save for the required minimum that is the wired power connection from the control panel to the outlet, everything else in this system is wireless — keypads, sirens, and any other add-on that you need to boost your home security. Be aware, though, that the battery in the keypad may drain fast depending on the activated features. For instance, the chime, if enabled, will have the keypad setting off a chime sound each time a door is opened, draining the battery the more often you use the door. You have two options to avoid frequent battery replacements. First, you can disable the battery-draining features that you can do without. Second — and this is now going beyond the required minimum of wired connection — you can connect each keypad with a special power supply to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Why choose the DSC Alexor over other wireless systems?

The typical wireless alarm has the control panel, keypad, and siren incorporated together, leaving the possibility of an intruder tampering your security system once he spots the all-in-one unit. With the DSC Alexor, all components are separated wirelessly so you can tuck away the control panel, the main brain of the system, in a safe location. The system can add up to 4 wireless keypads and up to 4 sirens. Its built-in siren reaches 85 decibels. Its capacity to support up to 32 wireless zones and 16 keys will have your bases covered. You can add up to 16 users and 1 master and 1 maintenance code for security. You can also have 4 communication phone numbers for the control panel to call. Its event buffer lets you view the last 500 recorded events. With its wireless enrollment and template programming, install and program it the easy and fast way. Another thing that sets the DSC Alexor apart from other wireless alarms is its 2-way communication signals, which make for a reliable connection and will be explained more in the following item.

What about the reliability of the DSC Alexor’s wireless signals?

The signal in all wireless alarm security systems are affected by obstructions such as wood and concrete walls and by other wireless signals like Wi-Fi that may interfere. While this is typical with wireless systems, the DSC Alexor mitigates this vulnerability with its 2-way communication signals, which make for a seamless and efficient transmission between the components. With this, the system can quickly show you its updated armed or disarmed status as well as detect troubles immediately. The DSC Alexor’s signals also come with high-level encryption, providing topnotch security.

How do I install the DSC Alexor?

The DSC Alexor is very easy and fast to install, being a wireless and fuss-free alarm system. First, open the control panel and get the back plate. Next, connect the power and phone line by having it go through the wire channel and plugging it into the terminal. For your safety, do this without powering up the system yet. Then, mount the back plate on the desired location on the wall by drilling holes and screwing it in place. Afterwards, connect the battery and attach the front plate to the back plate. Lastly, plug in the power transformer into the outlet. For further detailed instructions and everything else, refer to the DSC Alexor installation manual.

What about programming the DSC Alexor?

Programming is as fast and easy as installation. And thanks to the DSC Alexor’s wireless device enrollment and template programming, you no longer have to manually type in wireless device information like serial numbers. All you have to do is to confirm the serial number of the device to be added in what zone number and type. You can find the detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on the user manual. However, those who may not have the time to do this can take advantage of our optional pre-programming service. You will get to have the keypads, zones, sensors, user codes, entry and exit delays, and call-out numbers set up according to your preferences. The plug and play unit will then be shipped to you.

Can I add hardwired sirens and other devices to the DSC Alexor?

Yes. The DSC Alexor has 2 terminals, the Input and the Output (I/O), which you can use as a hardwired zone input.

Can the DSC Alexor be monitored by a central monitoring station?

Yes. The DSC Alexor supports POTS line, Cellular/Radio, GSM, and IP communications, which is a good alternative for those who use VOIP or mobile phones and in cases when your power or telephone goes out. To have your alarm system monitored, have it listed on a UL-certified central station. Contact your alarm security provider so they can locate and add your control panel.

Can I self-monitor the DSC Alexor?

Yes. However, be aware of its limitations. For instance, the DSC Alexor, which does not work with Wi-Fi, cannot use IP for self-monitoring and cannot send a message to a mobile device via the phone line. Moreover, when the system sends you signals, it only gives DTMF tones, but not the specific affected zone.

I am not yet sure if I want to have my DSC Alexor connected to a monitoring station.

No problem as long you have a POTS Line, VOIP or Cellular/Radio ready should you decide to have it monitored. Also, keep an Ethernet cable handy. While the DSC Alexor is not compatible with Wi-Fi, you can hook it up to your router in order to send signals.

How extensive is DSC Alexor’s security?

The security of any system all boils down to what the user needs. Choose from Alarm Security System’s wide selection of wireless sensors and remotes for a customized and enhanced home security. Make the most out of the 4-siren capacity of the DSC Alexor. For indoor, get the 2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren, which transmits RF status, low battery, and tamper conditions and has an onboard test button. For outdoor, choose the 2-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren with Strobe and Built-in Temperature Sensor. Its strobe light, which comes in blue and red, provides visual indication of a triggered alarm. On the other hand, know the outdoor temperature as the siren transmits it to the keypad. For trusty smoke and fire detection, this Wireless Smoke Detector with built-in heat sensor keeps its original factory-set sensitivity to avoid false alarms in spite of dust accumulation. 

Choose from our range of DSC Alexor kits and add-ons for a customized home security. Check out our DSC Alexor kits and upgrades to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. Enjoy free same-day shipping on orders over $199 on top of our low-price guarantee and dependable toll-free support. More than the fuss-free arrangement of this innovative wireless alarm system, be assured of heightened protection against scheming intruders. Take control of your home security with a smart and secure wireless alarm system like the DSC Alexor. Contact the Alarm Security System for tech support and let us work together on your home security needs.



hi, Ii have a DSC Alexor alarm system installed. Do you know if there is any way to permanently connect it to the mains electricity supply with a transformer – basically I am trying to avoid using a battery

Brian L

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