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The GE Simon XT is a completely wireless alarm system that works well for people who choose not to use an alarm monitoring service. The only thing you need is a landline or a cellular module such as the Doc N Talk. The GE Simon XT will call four phone numbers upon alarm and is able to give a description of the zone that has been tampered, for example “Front Door” or “Back Door”. Not only does it have that capability but you can also call into it and arm or disarm the system via telephone.

The GE Simon XT is an all in one unit meaning the main control panel is built into the keypad. In cases like that we highly suggest that a second keypad be purchased for the system. You will want to hide the main system, keep it away from any main entrances. Due to the GE Simon XT being an all in one unit it becomes a little more vulnerable. If the burglar were to come in and find the main unit and destroy it the system will no longer function.

That is where the second keypad comes in. The second Keypad can be put at a main entrance and allow the main system to be hidden so that those situations don’t occur. The GE Simon XT covers doors/windows, motions, glass breaks, smokes, carbon monoxide detectors and one wired internal siren (other than the one that comes built into the system). This system can cover your entire house from Fire to Burglary to Medical and you can have it call you to report these things.

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