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Foscam FI8908W Pan / Tilt Network IP Surveillance Camera with IR (black) Click Image To Buy Now This the newest in IP-based surveillance cameras and is packed full of features. The new Foscam FI8908W pan/tilt surveillance camera is an internet based camera. This camera allows you to connect it with a hardwired Cat-5 cable or wireless via a wireless router connected to your computer. One of the key features fairly unique for this camera is that it has a built-in mic and speaker that allows for two-way audio monitoring and communication to the camera location. This Foscam FI8908W pan/tilt surveillance camera features high quality video and audio, pan / tilt, remote internet viewing, motion detection, nightvision as well as a built in DVR recording system that will record to any hard drive on the network. In addition, it is Iphone compatible and viewable over the 3G network using the standard Safari browser (no app necessary). Feature Highlights Allows remote viewing & recording over LAN or internet through your computer or mobile devices such as iphones. High quality image and video (Display resolution: 640 x 480 Pixels (300k Pixels)) 2-way audio monitoring Remote pan & tilt (Pan: 270deg & Tilt:120deg) Motion detection (infrared) (with email notification and image upload via FTP) Night Vision, Multi-user password protected access Supports IE browser, Firefox as well as most other standard browsers including the standard Safari browser on the Iphone Supports both WEP & WPA Encryption So if you're looking for a good camera for additional security this would be a great choice for you. I personally have seen one of these operate and was amazed at what it can do.

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