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The Elk-M1XRF2H M1 Wireless Receiver For Honeywell 5800 Transmitters is another reason why ELK brand panels are a great choice for those who like a technologically robust alarm system! The M1XRF2H M1 is a wireless receiver that wires into any ELK M1 series panel to pick up wireless signals from Honeywell's 5800 line of wireless transmitters and sensors. It connects into the data bus terminals on any M1 panel and will add 144 zones to your existing wireless capabilities. 

So this in all reality is two components in one. It acts as a wireless receiver and also a wireless zone expander. Not only can you use one of these to give you more wireless zones, but you can use multiple units placed strategically around your location to extend your wireless range. ELK makes top-notch systems and most of them are cross-compatible with other industry standard systems. The ELK-M1XRF2H is a must for those Honeywell owners who are switching out their Honeywell panel for an ELK and don't want to go through the hassle of buying all new wireless transmitters.

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