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The ELK M1 Gold alarm panels are a very robust line of alarm systems that will take your security and home/business automation to new levels! ELK builds their systems straight out of the gate to handle not only intrusion protection but they also build in options to run household items through the use of low voltage outputs and a built-in serial port to connect the system into a local network to work with computers and for allowing the user to have remote access of their system from another computer outside of the network.

This panel, when connected to the Elk-M1XEP Ethernet Interface, can provide the owner with a web-based, easy to access and control, interface that will allow them to check the status of their system from anywhere in the world that has internet access. The ELK-M1XEP has its own built-in Java based server that allows you to do this with no extra software needed. The M1 Gold panels also have built-in voice dialer which allows the panel to call out for self-monitoring or central station monitoring. It allows the dial out the panel to dial out to 8 numbers to advise of climate change, ac loss, alarms, etc. The system has a 500+ vocabulary with the ability to record up to 10 custom words or phrases just in case the 500+ vocab isn't enough for you.

ELK brags about the programming being so simple through the keypad that they boast "No manual required". I am sure that this is true because of their full text, menu driven keypad interface. The system also has the ability to be partitioned into 8 different partitions. Partitioning is where you can split up different areas of the same location to be armed and disarmed separately. You can also have different account numbers for these different partitions which means that, if being monitored, each partition can have a separate monitoring account.

The Elk M1 Gold also has built-in remote phone control. By picking up any phone and dialing into the phone line that your system is on you can arm, disarm, control temperature (using thermostat modules), lighting (using automation devices), and many more things. This feature makes ELK systems very user-friendly. ELK systems are a tech geeks dream and make owning an alarm system a pleasure.

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