BBB Business Review

The DSC PC4020NK MAXSYS 16-128 zone control panel with cabinet is DSC's offering for commercial appliances. The system can handle access control, security, and automation. This control starts out with 16 on-board hardwire zones and can be expanded up to 128 with zone expansion cards.  It can also accommodate 1,500 user codes/cards making it easy for someone who runs an office building or a factory to keep track of the comings and goings of all of their employees. Not only can the MAXSYS handle a lot of zones and users, but it can also be partitioned into 8 separate partitions giving the owner the capability to make 8 different sections of a building their own separate arming/disarming zones. Keep track of events that have occurred over a period of time with the MAXSYS's event log capable of holding up to 3000 log entries.

This way you can go back and see who has armed and disarmed the system and what events have occurred while you may have been gone. With added wireless capability, through a wireless receiver, you can also hit all those areas where running wire is not the best option. And with its full line of add-ons and expansion modules; there's nothing that this bull of a system can't do. This is definitely a must have for anyone who has a large-scale outfit to protect!

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