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DSC has a variety of different key chain remotes, or “keyfobs” that can be used with any DSC System that has a wireless receiver. Keyfobs are just one of many tools DSC has provided to make their Alarm Systems more user friendly and convenient to use. The basic keyfob is a WS4949 Two Button Remote – It has the ability to arm and disarm the system and also has a panic by holding both buttons in at the same time for about three seconds.

The most common DSC keyfob is the DSC WS4939 Four Button Remote – It will allow you to arm either in “stay” mode –or- “away” mode, disarm, and has a fourth button dedicated to panic. Another version of the Four Button Remote is the WS4969 – It has the exact same features as the 4939 but, it also has an LED Flashlight built into it giving you the convenience of having a light with you everywhere you go. Probably the least used would be the WS4959 Five Button – 12 Function Remote – This remote will do the same thing for you that the 4939 will do but, it has a fifth button in the center that toggles the other four buttons allowing you to control garage doors and security gates, as well as a variety of other remote functions.

Finally, the newest of the DSC Remote Family is the WT4989 – This remote is EXCLUSIVELY for the DSC Alexor Series. The 4989 is a four button remote like the 4939 that has a small LCD display that will give you the alarms status, this comes in very handy when you use the keyfob from outside to arm the system and want to make sure that is actually has been armed. Which ever Keyfob you choose, it will be an excellent add on to your DSC Alarm System.

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