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Many people call and state that they have a trouble light or a triangle lit up on their keypad. If either of those are lit up, then your system is letting you know that something isn't right. Here is an easy way to tell what the trouble may be. On your DSC Keypad, hit " * 2 " Zone light will turn on showing trouble

Zone Light 1 - Service Required

Press 1 again to show exact trouble

  • Light 1 = Low Panel Battery
  • Light 2 = Bell/Horn Trouble
  • Light 3 = General System Trouble
  • Light 4 = General System Tamper
  • Light 5 = General System Supervisory
  • Light 6 = Not Used
  • Light 7 = 5204 Power Supply Module Low Battery
  • Light 8 = 5204 Power Supply Module AC Fail

Zone Light 2 - AC Failure

Zone Light 3 - Telephone Line Trouble

Zone Light 4 - Failure to Communicate

Zone Light 5 - Zone Fault

Press 5 again to show zone Zone Light 6  - Zone Tamper

Press 6 again to show zone Zone Light 7 - Zone Low Battery

Press 7 again to find which zone Zone Light 8 - Loss of System Clock (* 6 + Master Code + 1 + Time and Date (1pm 12/26 2000 would be 1300122600)

If no lights show possible Fire Trouble To Reset Smoke Detectors hit * 72 (If this does NOT reset smoke detector set for service, smoke is bad) This is exactly how techs check to see what is wrong with your system. From this point on, you can take the information you found and take it to the next step. If your system has been fine for several years and then all of a sudden you get a trouble light, the majority of the time it is a low battery.


charles jones

replaced battery but adt system not getting power

susan sussman

A dsc security system was installed in 2006 when I moved in to Kings Point, Sun City Center, Fl. The Trouble light does not go off and I have a master code which I tried to put in. Time is off, yellow light is on and “open” is showing. I do not know if there is a battery that needs changing and where is it located if necessary?

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