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DSC has released version 4.6 of the 1864 panel. The new updates in this version consist of:
  • 64 Wireless Zones using the version 4.6 and the new RFK5564 keypad
  • Easy wireless device enrollment process (using ver 1.3 of the RFK5564 or the RFK5500)
  • Word library for programming zone labels (available with ver 1.3 of the RFK5564, RFK5500, or PK5500 and available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish)
The 64 zones of wireless capabilities will only be offered in a keypad version using the RFK5564 and not as a "stand alone" receiver.  The RFK5564 will not give you 64 wireless zones on a 1616 or 1832 (it can be used with these panels, but will only give you 32 wireless zones), it will only give you 64 wireless zones on a 1864 ver 4.6 panel.  If you have an older panel, you cannot flash upgrade to the new 4.6. DSC 1864 v4.6 features

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