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All it takes to steal a car you have worked hard for and largely depend on is but 3 minutes. Yes, you got it right. If this is not enough to get your attention, every 43 seconds, a car somewhere in the U.S. is broken into and stolen. This statistic brings a little less than a million stolen cars every year. While flashy, grand autos are very inviting, car thieves target older models which are accessed easily with the use of a mere pair of scissors or an unassuming screwdriver. More than blending better in any street, older cars are more prone to auto theft because they usually come with less sophisticated, less complicated built in alarm systems. Parked cars in driveways are obviously easier to conquer since thieves no longer have to worry about forcing an entry to a property.

In addition, car thieves can easily escape the crime scene with a seconds spent on the steering wheel. Then again, parking in driveways remains unavoidable especially for families and individuals who need more than one car, or require easier, more convenient parking. With all these dilemmas, how can you defend your car from the clutches of a devious car thief along with the serious threat to the safety of you and your family? Look no further as you get to know handy and dependable 24/7 security devices, known as driveways alarms, which might save you from dangerous and numerous car thieves on the loose.

Driveway Auto Theft Motion Masters

Like all villains, car thieves do have weak spots, and this is where you should strike them hard. Even seasoned auto thieves are wary whenever they see well-lighted streets and knowing that there is a surveillance camera that is on-the-go and in-the-know to watch and catch them anytime, and any day.

Do not just stop at a simple surveillance camera, as you would need an upgraded guard for your car, your home, and your family, too. The PIR DVR is not only a hidden camera, as it also has a motion detector and a DVR. With its larger than life resolution of 1280 x 720, you are sure to get a good shot of auto thieves who feel invisible and invincible. The PIR DVR motion capture feature is reliable enough as it records motion before and after it is detected. Such features of the PIR DVR enable you to run after the bad guys better and more realistically, too. To up the ante of your security, you may want to add in decal stickers that are strong reminders that they are stepping on a guarded territory. Any driveway is made more car thief-unfriendly with these alarm system upgrades. Note though that while installing video cameras and surveillance equipment is legal in most states, there are local and federal laws you need to adhere to. It is best to check and recheck these laws so as to make the most of your surveillance cameras.

Secure and Seal Your Garage

If you have the time and the luxury of parking your car in your garage, you might want to do so. Be reminded though, that a when you starting your car in your garage in the morning still does not keep you safe from car thieves. In fact, this is stealing a car in this scene has a really high chance of succeeding.

If you want to heed some security advice, you may want to arm your garage with the Honeywell 5877 Garage Door Control Kit. This easy-to-install garage genius features a status light in your garage so that when you pull in, you can readily see if the alarm is still armed or it has already been set off. More than that, it has a programmable system that allows you control opening and shutting your garage door. It is now available for the Lynx L5100 wireless touch screen alarm system, too. Such features buy you more time to make any car thief feel that he is the one digging his own grave because he has little time to plan his escape.

Driveway is not a Car Thief's Highway

More than joyrides, car thieves often make fast cash when they sell their steals or even sell parts of the car they tampered. In fact, the National Insurance Crime Bureau revealed that airbag theft has reached over 75,000 on yearly basis. If you are doubting the necessity of getting an alarm system for your old, beaten down car, think again. Most of the models that are stolen are Honda and Toyota models from the 1990's. So as long as driveways still remain more convenient and more practical parking spaces, so the best way to secure them is to equip them with all the help they can get. The Driveway Patrol comes with a receiver that emits a friendly chime sound once set in place and alerts you whenever a motion is detected.

Thanks to its passive infrared motion sensor, you are now fully aware and very much informed that someone is crawling up your car even if your street is dark and deserted. Driveway Patrol lends more heightened security as you are assured that a tiny motion is detected and readily suspected, even when you are sleeping or simply busy getting things done around the house. With all these little yet mighty security guards, car owners are given the security for the time, money, and effort they invest on their cars as they secure their homes and families, too. Making sure that your driveways are safe means that you can have a greater and more realistic peace of mind as they do their daily tasks be it in work or at play. Driveways no longer need to be cleared of parked cars as they can be given simple yet smart alarm system upgrades that can deter even the most seasoned car thief on the loose.

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