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People often ask how they should monitor their system if they don’t have a land line at their premise and they don’t want to use an alarm monitoring service. In that case we refer people to the Cell Phone Dialer Module Dock N Talk Station with Bluetooth Module. The Dock N Talk is a cell phone dialer module that pairs with any cell phone that is blue tooth capable. It provides a dial tone for the system to call out on.

That way when the alarm is triggered it uses the cell phone to place the call. Keep in mind that the cell phone can not go more than 50ft away from the Docking Station. The cell phone that you choose to put with the Dock N Talk must be dedicated to it. The Dock N Talk pairs nicely with the GE Simon XT wireless Alarm System, or with any alarm system that has a voice dialer. So if you are looking to self monitor and do not have a land line the Dock N Talk is the perfect solution.

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