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When we think about security, our homes and families immediately come to mind. That’s just about right. However, there are things outside of our homes that we must also protect, such as motor vehicles that are also considered major investments.

Data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows a downward trend in vehicle theft since 1991, but a significant increase in 2015 and 2016, with a 3.8% and 7.4% increase, respectively. Vehicles were stolen at a rate of 236.9 per 100,000 people in 2016, and the first half of 2017 also shows a continued rise in the number of incidents.

Car thieves seem to have gained back momentum, which means car owners should be extra vigilant. As much as we protect our front door, we must also ensure outdoor and garage security, and not make it easy for these thieves to drive away with our hard-earned investment.

There are a lot of wireless security solutions to ensure that our garage and vehicles are safe from thieves. Installing a wireless security system is a great decision because they are easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, and allows you full remote access from your smartphone.

Here are wireless systems and devices for the driveway and garage, and for car security.

Wireless driveway alerts

car park driveway security
Photo courtesy of MD111 via Flickr

Garage security is an important aspect of protecting your home and your vehicles. The garage is the largest and most conspicuous point of entry, and it really should not be overlooked. Apart from being an entryway to your home, it also stores valuable items — from cars to power tools — or essentially what car thieves are looking for.

Wireless driveway and entry alerts have various detection methods, the simplest being the magnetic door contact, which is opened when someone opens the door and the magnet is pulled away from the switch. This breaks the circuit and triggers an alarm. There are also various devices that work using infrared detection that can detect all sorts of motion, whether from cars or people.

The Mier DA-605 is a good example of an all-in-one wireless driveway alert and vehicle detection system. It comes with a control panel and transmitter that act as receiver and sensor, respectively. The good thing about this is that it already comes with a wireless chime transmitter, which gives owners an option to use remote chimes in case they don't prefer using the onboard chime integrated into the control panel.

Cameras, sensors, and other accessories

Most wireless security systems can be used with outdoor cameras that allow you to keep an eye on your property at all times. Surveillance cameras are not only important in deterring burglars, but also an essential evidence during investigation, especially because car thieves are not often caught. In the United Kingdom, for example, only one in 10 car thieves are being caught and charged.

There’s a wide range of cameras available in the market today, and they are packed with features that will keep burglars and car thieves at bay. Some have HD video, real-time alerts, and are entirely weather-proof. Depending on your needs, you can opt for the basic outdoor cameras or the upgraded ones.

Garage sensors and detectors may also be incorporated into your system for easy monitoring. A garage door alert or alarm is triggered when sensors lose contact with one another, and lets off a siren that can be heard within around 50 feet. A garage door timer also gives you peace of mind by automatically closing the door after the programmed time has lapsed. A garage shield, on the other hand, attaches to the mechanism of the door and blocks access to the emergency release from the outside.

Remote monitoring and control

How many times have you forgotten to shut the garage doors or arm and disarm your security system? In a world where people are always in a hurry, it would be advisable to choose a garage security system that you can link to your smartphone so you can monitor events remotely. These models can also be remotely armed or disarmed. You may also consider models that send real-time alerts to your phone in case of a break-in.

Secure your car

car thieves opening car

Photo courtest of DigitalWay via Pixabay

Apart from your garage and driveway, it would also help to protect your car with various security devices. The common device is the car alarm that activates when a thief attempts to open the car door, breaks the window, or starts the engine. A kill switch, which works as a standalone device or with an alarm system, cuts off the fuel or shuts down the electrical system if someone attempts to start the vehicle without a key. A brake lock and a steering wheel lock bar are also great add-ons. These are simple accessories that are incredibly economical, but should do a great work keeping your car secure.

Your garage and driveway are not only entry points to your vehicles, but also your home. This is why it is important to ensure that it is safe from thieves who thrive on the very things that you worked so hard to get.

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