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In today’s world, it is no longer enough to just lock your doors and windows. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were around 8,277,829 property crimes reported last year. Theft and burglary victims suffered an estimated total of $14.3 billion in losses. It will definitely pay off to start beefing up your home security as soon as possible. If the high costs and the inconvenience of installing and maintaining alarm security systems keep you from having one, fret not because there are so many systems available in the market today. Whatever your needs are, you are bound to find one that will not only fit your budget but will also be well worth your time. Here is your easy step-by-step guide on how to build an affordable DIY security system.

Think about What You Need and Want in an Alarm System

Your home alarm security system should effectively have your bases covered and only you can tell what will work best given your unique circumstances. Start with prioritizing what you consider as your basic and non-negotiable requirements. Afterwards, make a list of the additional features that would be nice to have. Ask yourself these questions: Why do I need a home security system? Who will be using the alarm system? How many points of entry, doors and windows, does my house have? Do I need a quad-camera view of your premises? Do I need indoor cameras to monitor your home? Am I after home automation as well? Do I want an alarm system that can take voice commands?

Determine Your Budget

Carefully decide on the budget that you will be sticking with. Your budget should go beyond the upfront price — take into account the costs of maintaining a home security system such as monitoring, batteries or installation supplies. You may want to begin with a starter kit that you can build up later on when you have more elbow room in your finances.

Do Your Own Research

It is understandable for any DIY homeowner to have plenty of questions and concerns. Fortunately, there are also a ton of resources that you can turn to for answers and opinions. Know how to choose a credible alarm security company and get quotes. Compare prices, as well as the products and services included in the packages. Take into consideration any technical support that may be offered and if it is a free service or paid service. Many DIY alarm vendors do not offer any technical support. Read online forum threads and blog posts to get real reviews from real people. Talk to a friend who has bought an alarm system.

Order from a Legitimate and Trusted Alarm Security Company

Once you have made up your mind, it is now time to place your order. For convenience, you can do it online so you will just have to wait for your brand new DIY home alarm system to be delivered to your doorstep. However, with e-commerce attracting hackers and scammers, make sure that you first verify that the company is reputable before giving out any personal information, especially your credit card details. Find out if they are a trusted DIY home warning device partner. Also, check if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Look for customer reviews, and check if they have security mechanisms in place. Lastly, read the fine print to avoid being surprised by additional fees.

Install Your Brand New Home Security System

Once your kit arrives, carefully read the instructions included in the package. You can also look up online tutorials to know an easier way of doing things. For instance, if you are installing a Honeywell L7000, you may want to work with the wiring first and fish it through a wire track. Then, mount the control panel on the desired location on the wall. Afterwards, work on the connections inside the control panel. Lastly, connect your control panel to your Wi-Fi. If you want an added layer of protection, one more step will be connecting your home security system to a central station.

Install the Sensors

Install the necessary sensors that you included in your budget after thinking about what you need and want in an alarm system. Staple items here are door and window sensors. For added home security, consider getting sensors for detecting motion, glass breaking, water leaks, extreme temperatures, smoke, and unhealthy carbon monoxide levels. Also, don’t forget to customize. For instance, if you have a furry friend, get a pet-friendly sensor to avoid false alarms when your cat or dog walks past your motion detector. Once your control panel and sensors are set up, test them to ensure that they are working just fine. If not, contact your supplier immediately.

Know How to Keep Your Alarm System Up and Running

Installing your home alarm system is one thing, but knowing how to troubleshoot and maintain it in excellent working condition is another. Should you notice beeping sounds or anything strange, work on it as soon as possible. Clean it regularly to avoid dirt and dust from accumulating. Make sure the batteries are in consistent optimal levels. Keep your user manual nearby or download and save a copy on your mobile device for future reference.

Upgrade As Needed

Again, if budget is your concern, then stick to your list of needs and wants so you can start with a basic starter kit. Such a kit is also helpful if you find home alarm systems a tad intimidating. You can always play it by ear so that when you (and your budget) are ready, you can just choose add-ons or upgrades.

Get In Touch With Your Alarm Security Company

If you’re experiencing problems with your home security system, get expert help from your alarm security company. To make it easier, write down their toll-free number near your control panel and/or keypad. Also, don’t forget to have pertinent details such as the model of your alarm system and the serial numbers on hand. Even if you now have your own home security system, don’t forget about the basics of keeping your house safe. Simple but useful ways of securing your house include installing deadbolts, making your house appear occupied even while you’re away, and asking good neighbors to look after your house while you’re away. Again, with the bevy of options to choose from, you can pick and build your very own affordable DIY alarm system. Should you have further inquiries, give the Alarm System Store a call for fast, reliable, and expert help on keeping your abode safe for you and your loved ones.

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