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Buying or moving into a new home is an exciting moment in any person’s life. You are excited to see how everything is going to look and feel — the paint you chose, the pieces of furniture you bought, the tiles on the floor, your porch, your curb, etc.  It’s like watching from the best seats as your dreams unfold before you.

But aren’t you forgetting something? That’s right, security. Before you move in, make sure your house is protected with a reliable security system. There are a lot of new house security systems available in the market and you should educate yourself on how they work, what they do, how much they cost, how to maintain them, etc. to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Another thing that you should consider is home automation, which essentially lets you control aspects of your home even if you are away. But which home automation devices should you go for?

We’ll try to answer your questions here.

Get the right hardware                   

hardware chip alarm system
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When on a hunt for a security system for a new house, make sure you have the right hardware. A security system works on a network of components and you must at least have the basics. It has to have a control panel, which is usually a touchpad where you enter codes to arm or disarm, and sometimes comes with a voice feature. It communicates with other parts of the system such as motion sensors, which are other basic components as well. Door and window sensors and other detectors are also usually included in the  basic package.

Apart from the actual hardware, make sure that the security system you would choose is one that covers your whole house, and not just your doors or windows. It should cover your porch, backyard, garage, and all entry points in your house. This means you have to compare the number of zones that a security system could cover.

Go for hassle-free and wireless

There was a time when miles of wires were buried or pinned to your walls or ceiling just so you could install an alarm system. But despite the hassle, the best they could do is beep when the door opens and let you deal with a control panel using cryptic codes.

That’s all behind us now. Today, most alarm systems are wireless and may be installed on a DIY, effortless manner. There used to be issues on reliability, but wireless alarm systems have gone a long way in the past decade. They are reliable, battery life is longer, and offer a great range and features. The hybrid systems (hardwire + wireless) require some deal of wiring for keypads and sirens, but would also be great to look into.

Decide: Monitored or unmonitored

Depending on your security budget, you can either have your security system monitored or leave it unmonitored. The main difference is that monitored systems are directly being overseen by a central monitoring unit, which is responsible for calling responders in case of emergencies. However, there are monthly fees that need to be paid. With an unmonitored system, the homeowner will do the monitoring himself.

If you have allocated a generous budget for security, monitored systems would be a very good choice. But if you have no problem monitoring what goes on in your house on your own, you can forget about the monthly fees.

Age of home automation

age of home automation

Photo courtesy of geralt via Pixabay

If you want a smart home, home automation for your new house is advised. Home automation is one of the most important innovations to home security because it allows you to monitor your house and control its features wherever you are. Using a mobile app, you can see real-time events taken by your surveillance cameras, as well as adjust your thermostat, turn your lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, and arm and disarm your system.

Honeywell alarm systems, for example, are equipped with Z-wave technology, which essentially offers an easy solution to your automation applications such as locks, sensors, and cameras.  

Customer experience

girl talking on the phone customer experiene

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After you have settled issues of hardware, installation, monitoring, and need for automation, you have to also consider the quality of customer service. This will help you become even more confident with the system that you will choose. After-sales service is also very important, given that a home security system is a long-term investment. You’ll want a company or brand that is not only technically knowledgeable, but genuinely understands you and your needs.

Does it fit you?

Perhaps the most important question you have to answer when buying a security system for your new house is how do you want it to work for you? What’s your daily life like, who would be living in the house, what are your requirements? Are there kids, pets, and elderly? Would there be anyone left to look after the house or would it be left closed most of the time?

These are just some of the issues you have to answer before buying an alarm system. At the end of the day, the technology is only as good as how you intend to use it.

There are so many great possibilities for your humble security system. You just need to evaluate your needs and see which upgrades will work for you. These new home security ideas are designed to make your new home secure, while keeping your loved ones safe.


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