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Superhumans exist. They walk this world along with the rest of the normal humans. But they’re not what you might think. They don’t have superhuman strength, x-ray vision or mind reading capabilities. It’s a simpler yet still impressive feat, as simple and impressive as waking up before the alarm clock or having a body clock system that not a lot of people have—it’s the power of sleeplessness. Research shows that 2% of people have the power to be able sleep for only a few hours but still have the energy to do things like most people do, sometimes even more. They can be classified into three kinds: the sleepless elites, the middle class, and the idle.

The Three Kinds of Superhumans The Sleepless Elites

was a term from Wall Street Journal’s Melinda Beck when referring to people who need lesser sleep than usual—short sleepers—but are still capable of being energetic even without caffeine. These are the high achievers of the superhumans as they take their energy and use it to do something productive and worthwhile. They can be comprised of business owners, investors, CEOs, and any other tough jobs and industries that involve a lot of work hours and even high stress levels. Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin are suspected to be short sleepers but there isn’t much evidence to prove it, not like most successful people who are early risers.

The Middle Classed Superhumans, on the other hand, still retain the same characteristics of the sleepless elites, minus the fact that they don’t hold a higher title or position. This is still possible as all short sleepers don’t mean they’re also all high achievers.

Lastly, The Idle is the group of short sleepers or superhumans that are not exactly as successful as the other two. Their energy and focus might not lie on economic successes but more on personal satisfaction. But most of them could also be more of chronically sleep deprived or worse, paranoid from lack of sleep.

Sleep Deprivation vs Superhuman Skill

There’s a thin line separating people who are naturally short sleepers (aka the Superhumans) to those people who have a disorder and are normal humans who aren’t getting their needed rest. According to Dr. Daniel Buysse from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, out of 100 people who think they’re superhumans, only 5 or 6 people are the natural short sleepers. This is quite alarming as it would mean, a significantly large population of Americans are close to being walking zombies.

The Effects of Being a Faux Superhuman

While research on these superhumans may be lacking (as they are hard to find), research on the effects of having little sleep is abundant. What’s probably most surprising is the finding that sleep deprivation can actually make you feel good, but only temporarily. The brain boosts dopamine levels in the body when it’s short on rest, resulting in a happier mood and can sometimes lessen bouts of depression. However, the negative effects far outweigh the positive ones. Apart from a grumpy mood, lack of sleep can result in higher risks of medical issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, attention deficit disorder (ADD), mental impairment, fetal and childhood growth retardation and a lot more.

The most obvious negative effect that is backed up by research data is the heightened emotional function of the brain and the decreased capability of rational thought. This simplest effect can already present a number of dangers in everyday lives.

The Need for Lesser Worries

Whether it’s a legit natural superhuman taking care of a lot of businesses or a chronically sleep deprived homeowner, these kinds of people don’t need to have more on their plate. They already have a lot of worries plaguing their heads and the absence of proper rest is too much for any kind of person to handle. So, simple home problems shouldn’t be problems at all. Their own homes should be the place where there’s less worry and more time to relax (but doesn’t necessarily mean sleep).

The Residential and Property Problem

Based on the FBI crime statistics, there were more than 1 million violent crimes committed in the U.S. in 2012. But that’s small compared to the number of property crimes, which scaled up to nearly 9 million that same year. Businesses aren’t safe too. Just recently, a Knoxville business owner faced a significant financial loss as their establishment was burglarized just after thanksgiving and before their target opening date. You wouldn’t think too much about this until you learn that their business is selling guns and gun accessories. Even the business of armory isn’t safe from burglars with a purpose.

Enhanced Security for a Restless Free Night

While superhumans may be “super” in term due to their ability to stay awake for long periods of time, they’re also still humans. Most will not be well equipped when burglars or home invaders decide to target their homes or their business establishments. The most vulnerable would be those thinking they are of sound mind when their lack of sleep is taking a toll on their decision making. The most effective solution in safeguarding a home is increasing its security. This can be done by simple means such as adding deadbolts and sturdy locks to your doors. You might also want to consider getting a dog to deter a few burglars. But not all bad guys are scared of dogs nor would walk away when they see a dummy alarm.

Unfortunately, a lot of burglars are smart and would easily avoid deterrents. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to throw them off and that would be home alarm systems with added alarm monitoring services. It might seem a handful but considering the negative impacts of sleepless nights, the stress and worries resulting in lack of sleep and the possibility of diminished rational thinking, a simple thing such as securing your home would help carry the weight off your shoulders—whether you’re superhuman, chronically sleep deprived, an average Joe wanting to get some sleep, or a person sitting in your room all day. It’ll be worth it.

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