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The Ademco 6160 Alpha Keypad/5883H Transceiver Combo Kit is Honeywell's way of bringing you two great products in one money-saving package! This kit is a combination of a standard Ademco 6160 Alpha Numeric Keypad and a 5883H Transceiver. If you would like to add a second keypad to your system, add the ability for your hard-wire system to incorporate wireless devices, and save some money then this is the kit for you.

The 6160 Alpha Keypad is great because it not only reads out zone numbers, but you can add labels for it to read out as well so that you don't have to guess what is on zone number '06'. The keypad features, as you can see from the picture, a numeric keypad and four function buttons. Programming is a breeze with the 6160 because it displays words and makes finding your way through programming very easy. The 5883H is a transmitter and receiver all-in-one, hence the name transceiver. 

This transceiver not only works with devices on the RF house Code but can also work with devices, such as the 5839 keypad, that use a site ID number. The 5883H is great for when you want to add bi-directional devices like the 5839 or the 5804BD key-chain remote. This also works in conjunction with Ademco's 5800RP repeater module if you need to extend the range of your wireless devices. The Ademco 6160 Alpha Keypad/5883H Transceiver Combo Kit is a great addition to add more power to your Honeywell system.

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