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TANE STB38TCDMWH 3/8" Recessed White Contact With Rare Earth Magnet


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TANE STB38TCDMWH 3/8" Recessed White Contact With Rare Earth Magnet

This Tane 3/8' recessed contact is useful when you need protection that's not in plain view. This will work with for most windows and doors. The reed switch side is 1.25" long. This contact comes with a rare earth magnet that makes installing a breeze. You won't actually have to recess the magnet part and this is good for windows or doors that may have a warranty.


TANE STB38TC Installation manual
TANE STB38TC Data sheet


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  • How close does the switch need to be to the magnet when the window is closed? I'm trying to see if I can avoid drilling the fiberglass sill area, to maintain the window warranty and avoid leaks.

    This contact is recessed so by that very nature it would have to be drilled. If you don't wish to drill you should be looking at the surface mount alarm contacts here:

  • It's not clear from the description, does this require any part of the window to be drilled to install the contact? I'm looking for a contact that will not require the window to be drilled due to warranty on installation issues.

    The wired side of a recessed contact that goes in the jamb will always require drilling. Whether or not the actual moving window needs drilled however largely depends on the window and clearance in the jam. This is the only recessed type that *may* not require drilling the window since it's magnet is so thin. Usually it can be glued on. As such it is a popular choice for windows if you want a recessed contact.