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Mier DA-505 Timer Module with Receptacle


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Mier DA-505 Timer Module with receptacle

The DA-505 is an optional timer control module that can be attached to a DA-500 alert system to turn on things like lights, sirens, surveillance equipment or other warning devices. You'll be able to kick on up to 10 Amps worth of electronic devices with this device. The DA-505 operates off of a 120V power source. Your warning devices will stay on for as long as you set the timer for. Timer is adjustable from 1-45 minutes.

 The DA-505 connects to the Mier DA-500 Driveway Alert with the use of 22 gauge wire. The DA-505 and DA-500 must have a minimum separation of 24 inches between the two devices. The separation is to keep EMF interference between the two modules to a minimum. After wiring between the two units you will simply replace the hood cover and then plug in your warning devices to the receptacle on the bottom of the DA-505. The only thing that needs done to complete the process is to push the rocker switch to the 'Reset' position and it's all set.


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