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Mier DA-500 Drive Alert control panel and sensor probe with 100 ft cable


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Mier DA-500 Drive Alert control panel and sensor probe with 100 ft cable

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Mier DA-500 Drive Alert control panel
100 ft probe cable

The Mier DA-500 Drive Alert comes in small kit form. What you get with the DA-500 is a the control module which contains the alert whistle, a sensor and 100 feet of cable. You will run the cable with the attached sensor down the length of your driveway. You will have to direct bury the cable in the ground. The sensor portion will detect large metal objects such as cars coming up your driveway.

 The DA-500 has a sensing radius of 10 feet from wherever you've located the sensor. When a metal object passes by; the sensor will trigger the whistle in the main unit which will alert you to the presence of someone coming up your driveway. You can add up to three more sensing units to the system for coverage of multiple areas. The sensor isn't a PIR or beam type sensing unit so you'll never have to worry about it being tripped by environmental disturbances like weather or animals.

 Not only is this good for a home installation, but a business can utilize these as well. Businesses such as banks or drive-through restaurants can use these as notification systems for tellers or drive-through attendants to alert them to customers approaching. We recommend that businesses use the DA-066 Remote Chime Transmitter in unison with either the Mier DA-068 Plug-in Remote Chime or the Mier DA-070 Wireless Portable Battery Powered Chime. We make this suggestion because the chime tone in the add-on chimes have a more pleasant tone.



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