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TLM Trouble - DSC NEO Trouble Condition Fixes



Now this TLM communication trouble just means that the telephone line monitoring is still enabled on your device. If you're not using a telephone line to monitor your system, which most people don't nowadays, then you have to turn this off in programming, it comes default on and that's why it throws this trouble condition. So I'm going to go into programming here and I'm going to show you how to fix it.

We'll do it on the touch screen this time and we'll just go to keypad mode under options, and that'll give us the exact same thing we have up here. See, it's even reading off the zones the same as it is there. So we can enter programming from here, *8, and then 5555. And we're going to go to section 015. Now this has got quite a few options in here, but we're going to scroll over to option 7, TLM enabled. So we're going hit * to turn that off and then we're going to back out (# #) and hit back here to take us back to the main menu, and then if we go to the trouble conditions, it has taken away that communications trouble. Check it over here. All we're left with is battery trouble.